When B day comes am i better holding off at home?

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lush11 Posts: 2877
Im just wondering that when i start getting contractions am i better to hold off at home than be 18 - 24 hours + at the hospital. Im reading up tips and one is to have a meal because you could be at the hospital for a long long time. Ive heard some girls have a shower before they go. So im thinking if my waters are in tact and my contractions are far enough apart and somewhat manageable am i better off staying at home and relaxing. Thing i woudl be worried about though is that we woudnt know if the baby was in distress.
eled Posts: 713
Hi Lusk, I was in hospital yesterday.. started getting pains on sat morning.. rang hospital and was advised to stay at home until I found the pain too hard to bear or until contractions were 3-5 mins apart. Anyway pains got worse and closer, headed to hospital and cervix isn't dilating so was sent home again. still at home here with pains. Doc and nurses said you're more comfy at home and can relax a bit better than in hospital which is true. Only need to rush to hospital if your waters break or you start to bleed.
lush11 Posts: 2877
Thats what i was thinking. At home you can do what you want. Go to bed, watch telly, get something to eat or a drink of water. You're out of the hussle and bussle of the place so thats what i think i'll do.
eled Posts: 713
exactly and its nice to be able to get into your own bath/shower etc to relieve the pain rather than being stuck in hospital. When are you due? I am now a week over and will be induced on thurs if nothing happens beforehand. Best of luck!
lush11 Posts: 2877
Ah i have another 4 months to go but its something ive always thought of cos you hear girls in hospital for days and day. Good luck to you. Hope everything goes well
boobies Posts: 1625
i was in hospital 2 days before I had DD. To be honest I was glad to get a rest... I was running around like a mad woman before that. I think the rest stood to me. When I did start getting contractions she was born quite quickly in the end so was advised if we had another to go in as soon as possible as it could also be a quick birth. But I think you just know yourself at the time.
hartley Posts: 826
Stay at home as long as you can. I had to go in cos my waters broke but would have loved to stay at home longer.
Daff Posts: 11644
I'd to go in cause I was bleeding but would love to have been at home longer. Really regret that awful day I spent in there :o( saying that though, next time I'm in there like a shot. I was only in labour 5 hours and it's meant to be about half that time on your second - we're a good hour away from the hospital, longer in rush hour. I want my epi!!!
i want one Posts: 2893
it depends if you want the epidural or not. when i rang the hospital they told me to stay at home wouldnt be getting epi for hours but i said i wanted to come in and be checked, got in was 3cm and got my epi straight away. i suppose its just so different for everyone and i just felt a bit more relaxed after going to the hospital and them checking to see that the baby was ok.
FoundHome Posts: 1753
Best stay at home with warm baths/showers, TENS, GentleBirth/breathing and other distractions like DVDs, books etc etc for as long as you can. We've been told at antenatal class its best not to make a move to the hospital until you have 2-3 contractions per 10 minute period, unless you're bleeding. Even if your waters have gone, its best to give them a call before leaving the house.... as you have plenty of time for antibiotics if labour doesn't happen immediately after your waters go TBH the hospital may send you back home if you go in too early as there is little they can do for you