When can hubbie feel movement too?

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chicam Posts: 1169
I only recently felt movement this week, and it's not the fluttering you hear about they are proper little kicks. However my HB can't feel them & I feel so sorry for him :o( cos he's so into this pregnancy! Any ideas when he's likely to?
overthemoon Posts: 25
I think everyone's experience is different but I know my hubby could feel the first faint movements around week 19 and they quickly got much stronger so he was able to feel them properly. I think it can be hard on the guys alright when they want to share in the excitement but are still one step removed from it, when he can feel the baby responding to his voice later on it will become all the more special and real for him. Tell him to persevere, putting his hand wherever you have felt a kick and leaving it there for a while it'll happen all of a sudden and he might just be in the right place at the right time!!
jellybaby Posts: 2316
It's going to vary a lot - depends on baby's position in your uterus, position of placenta, and your stomach muscles. With DD, I felt flutters at 15 weeks and was getting strong kicks at 17 weeks - DH felt her for the first time at 19 weeks as she kept stopping whenever he tried!! This time, I felt flutters at 10 weeks, kicks at 14 weeks, so you'd think DH would have felt baby earlier, but it was 21 weeks before he felt this baby, as he was even worse than DD was for stopping the kicks when DH tried to feel :o0
oirish Posts: 1541
I first felt flutters about 13/14 weeks on this pregnancy. STarted to feel proper kicks around 19 week or so (can't remember now) Dh didn't feel them for a few weeks after as junior would stop whenever dh put my hand on his tummy - always has since too, dh must have amazing calming vibes !! He first felt him around 23/24 weeks or so.
arib Posts: 499
That's pretty simple. . . . .he can feel them when you can feel them with your hands.
Tess72 Posts: 1173
I felt flutters first early on but my DH could feel kicks at 19 wks. But don't worry if you can't. My book said your partner wouldn't feel movement until 25 wks. My SIL said she felt movement just 6 times during her entire pregnancy. So it's different for everyone.