When did ye all start maternity leave? Any advice?

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lovethesite Posts: 1054
Hi girls, Not due until mid feb so lots of time to think about this but I've heard so many people say work up until two weeks before and others saying you need a month, I always thought I'd do the former but its so hard to know how you're going to feel in 10 weeks time!! would love to hear from ladies who have gone through it, any adivce? Ta xx
popple Posts: 1368
I worked up until two weeks before my due date. I think it was plenty of time to get organised and relax before the baby arrived. He was only 2 days overdue aswell. I have already booked my maternity leave for this time and again I hope to work up until two weeks before my due date. It's hard to know how you will feel but I suppose it also depends on what type of job you do, if you have a long commute etc.
ciaraella Posts: 5323
I worked til about a week and a half before due date, DD came three days early so had about a week of ML beforehand. It was enough for me to be honest, i had some back pain so just mooched around the house and wouldn't have fancied too much longer being cooped up. Also it's nice to have more time at the end of maternity leave. It's a bit of a gamble, you could plan a month off before due date and baby could be two weeks late, that could be a lot of ML used up before baby makes an appearance!
Mrs W Posts: 2923
I'm due on the 27th and I'm coming back for one week from the 7th of Jan and then going on ML. I'll see how i'm doing after christmas and might work from home instead but I just dont want to waste all my ML sitting at home on my own waiting!
abbeylane Posts: 534
I started about 10 days before due date and baby was a week late. I was glad of the time i had but would not have wanted more at that stage-would much prefer the time with the baby at the other end. My friend went off a month before her due date and the baby was 2 and a half weeks late so she was going mad being off over 6 weeks, it was madness. Again though it does depend on how things go for you but with a straightforward pregnancy, the standard two weeks seems enough.
digsy Posts: 1257
i think it depends on your job and wehther you are on your feet all day or not. I am office based so not too bad. I actually lied about my due dates to work so told them i was due a week later than i actually was. On DD1 i went over 3 weeks early and was still at work. Luckily it was a friday night when i went into labour. I was induced 5 days early on DD2 and was more wrecked this time so finished up 2 weeks before my due date. I will be early again in this pregnancy but have given my 40 week date to work but may only get to 36 weeks at the most. My motto is if you feel ok, then work right up that way you have all the extra time to spend with the baby(s) afterwards!
Trinitym Posts: 341
I'm due in 8 weeks and plan on finishing up about 3 weeks beforehand with the offer of working from home for a few days/1 week max if they're stuck! Main reason is my commute...at least 1 hour 40 mins each way and the bus is playing havoc with my back in the evenings, not to mention my 15 minute walk each way to and from the bus to the office...easier said than done when you are the size of a wee whale!! My company are generously paying me as normal for all of December and not starting my official mat leave pay until Jan 1st so the way i see it...why stress myself by travelling the extra week when i don't have to and at the same time i think they appreciate my offer to work a wee from home!! I think everyone's situation is different and you have to wait to see how you feel closer to the time!!
lila Posts: 982
On last 2 pregnancies I worked up till 38 weeks. Both arrived on time so had 2 weeks at home waiting. Any longer I think I would have been bored. If you can, work up till the end - it all depends on how you feel. This time, as its twins, I'll be finsihing up at 35 weeks. Hoping I'll make it till Christmas anyway...
Twirler Posts: 1644
I worked til 38 weeks. Was induced at 12 days over but was going insane with boredom by my due date. Work wasn't pleasant towards the end but I'd still work as long as possible again because every extra day with my little girl on mat leave is fantastic.
gingerwhinger Posts: 1421
I worked up to 36 wks on both my pregnancies. I finished early because I was on my feet alot of the day and also because of my 1.5hr commute each way. Everyone's different and basically it's what you're able for. This time round I might stay a week longer, more so to have more time at the end of my maternity leave