when did you do most of your venue negotiating?

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mrsmoo2202 Posts: 1930
we're finally in the home stretch of picking of our venue, have 2 in mind, one has a slightly better package on the table, but we prefer the other venue as a venue. wondering if its better to haggle now before booking, or as we go along over the next year?? and where to ask for savings!!!
Jomcodoodle Posts: 284
I don't think you could get anywhere haggling after you book as you'll have a contract then. I'd def suggest haggling before booking. Let them know you're interested if they can drop their prices but that you also have another venue in mind if they don't. They shouldn't think all your eggs are in their basket. Let us know how you get on
lorraine78 Posts: 988
We didn't do any haggling for our venue.We knew we wanted that hotel and got a pretty good mid week deal.If i were you,i'd go with the venue that i really wanted and wouldn't worry about a few extra's....
OrTees Posts: 907
I would say definitely haggle before you agree to anything - once you've signed your contract they don't have to give you any deals if they don't want to. There is always room to haggle, whether it's getting a lower price or getting them to throw in extras for free. Best of luck :wv
mrsmoo2202 Posts: 1930
thanks for that ladies, will have a chat with them and see if theres anything they can do, but like you said lorraine78, it's where we want so will probably go with what they're offering no matter what!!