When did you feel 1st movements

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Lucy D Posts: 91
Hello all Just looking for some reassurance I am just gone 20 weeks and haven't felt the baby move yet, in reading some books they say I should have felt something by now and other say on a first timer it might be later than that about 24 weeks. Just wondering when did you all start feeling the movements and at what stage was it or if you haven't and you are around my dates when you have been told to expect it, thanks.
Finally Posts: 74
Hi - I was 23 weeks on my first before I really noticed (but if you think about it when you feel like a ball off wind is in your tummy - thats a movement) I was on 16weeks on the second but by then you know what to look for, so don't worry it will be keeping you up all night soon enough :lol:
charli Posts: 5994
lucy, i was 20 weeks, was starting to wonder when it would happen as people were saying, it should be about now (not in a nasty way, perhaps a bit tactless though) i actually thought it must've been so slight that i probably mistook it for a grumble or something and that it had happened already. NO WAY, when i felt the first movement, it was so significant i started crying kinda out of fright and excitement (i wasn't even that weepy while pregnant). i felt like a somersault kinda, anxious feeling out of the blue when sitting on the couch one night. it will happen soon, it's only a guideline and obviously each baby/womb is different so nothing to feel anxious over and believe me when you do, you'll know!!! very exciting :)
anon42day Posts: 45
I have felt a small bit of movement but not regular - when I have been lying in bed totally relaxed - this is my first too - I don't think/expect to feel anything significant for a few weeks yet as I am still quite small