When did you first do PG test

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Emme Posts: 4735
Just chatting about this. I seem to be in the minority. I first tested 10 days early :-8 - yeah I know but I thought I was wonder egg woman. First genuine test was 4 days early, BFP was 2 days before AF was due. So who waited until AF was late..spill!
Salander Posts: 1639
AF due date - wasnt sure if I was on a 28 day cycle or 35 - it varied after coming off the pill so I thought what the heck on day 28 - really didn't think it would come up BFP! DH wasnt too impressed cos I did it at 6 in the morning and woke him up to tell him! he went back to sleep and woke up about an hour later and was all "wha? are you pregnant?"
Neox Posts: 50
I was about a week late :-8 I had just come off the pill and I assumed that had messed up my cycle. We hadn't been trying so it was a nice surprise.
ellee Posts: 666
I was about a week late before I tested. Was in a bit of denial I think - didn't take the test for a full 24 h after buying it. Knew deep down I was preggers and f was quietly freaking out at the finality of it! :eek I'd also had constant ms like cramps and thought maybe af really was on its way. I posted in here about it and of course the wollies all said I must be preggers. :thnk Even after I had bfp (did one test - was I fatalistic or what?!) I kept feeling the cramps and absentmindedly thinking my af was imminent before remembering nope! you're actually pregnant lady :o0 :o0 :o0
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
AF due date. I had been having so many cramping symptoms the few days leading up, I was convinced AF was on the way. The cramps were so strong that day, and after a number of hours when nothing had showed up (and it normally did with that level of cramping), I got a little bit suspicious and thought I should get myself down to the chemist! :-8
bumble Posts: 1980
I was 3 days late but didn't think the clomid had worked (as it only made me ov once before) but tested as was due to take other meds to start injectibles and docs had told me to take pg test before starting meds. So was really stunned to get BFP! DH wouldn't believe it until we'd done about 4 tests and also been to the GP to confirm it!
red_rubies Posts: 2424
[quote="Neox":3vfdw86k]I was about a week late :-8 I had just come off the pill and I assumed that had messed up my cycle. We hadn't been trying so it was a nice surprise.[/quote:3vfdw86k] Exactly the same as you! I didn't have any symptoms, so assumed (wrongly) that it was prob my messed up cycle after the pill!
birdie Posts: 954
AF due date for me as well, cycle was still running quite long after coming off the pill 3 months previously and had been convinced each month that I was PG so refused to allow myself to test until AF didn't show up on the latest possible due date going by my newly bonkers cycle!
choc cake Posts: 27
My cycles had been all over the place since coming off the pill and then i was diagnosed with PCOS, my previous cycle was 81 days so when i got to 90 days i wasn't suprised but my boobs were so so sore but i thought it might be the tablets causing it! So for some reason i took a test and hey presto it came up positive :o)ll
gemini chica Posts: 2581
Emme, eh I'm with you did the first one about 4DPO...lol, knew there was no chance but couldn't help myself and they were only about 50cent each so I felt justified!! We must be very impatient :o0 :o0 :o0