when did you first start feeling sick

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plangirl Posts: 29
This is prob just my imagination but have been trying to coneinve and today and yesterday I have felt a bit dodge in the morning. Kind of like indigestion. I only had my fertile period about 8 days agao so if I was pregnany I would literally be about a week gone. Is this just my over active imagination or did anyone else who is pregeers actually feel sick that soon
05bride Posts: 314
no, didn't start to feel sick till about wk 7. good luck and happy trying!
Emme Posts: 4735
About week 6/7 for me too I'm afraid. Dreams were my indication at that stage followed closely by a dragging cramp sensation similar to AF cramp but def not sick. That was just me though!
bumble Posts: 1980
I started feeling very queasy when i was just gone 4 weeks but i tend to have a sensitive tummy so maybe that's why it hit me so early. The day AF was due i was up during the night convinced i was going to throw up but put that down to a dodgy chipper after the pub :-8 Found out 2 days later i was pg. My 1st big symptoms were the mad mental dreams, queasy and also sore boobs.
newbie24 Posts: 530
Week 7 for me too..... best of luck with everything!
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
THe sickness came about week 4 but i was feeling very much 'off' before that. Fingers crossed for ya
Sweetcheeks08 Posts: 317
Think it was around week 8.. Hopefully you won't get it too bad..
lollypop Posts: 317
The sickness started for me about week 7. I did notice I was very "narky" just before I got my BFP though. Best of Luck.
jmeath Posts: 5740
Just a tip for anyone in the first few weeks thats got morning sickness...my friend got little braclet things in the chemist, they are like wrist bands for travel/morning sickenss( nausea)...she said they work great.
Wild Child Posts: 1694
I started feeling sick just before I was 6 weeks and it stopped (fingers crossed) 2 days ago!!! Best of Luck :lvs