when did you have your blood tests taken in Coombe hospital

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whackywoman Posts: 1496
I am 20 weeks pregnant and am going private in the Coombe. I have had two appointments so far but have had no tests apart from weight and urine. when do people normally have their bloods i.e. iron etc and glucose tests done. I have a big scan on 5th Feb and was wondering if they are leaving it very late or does this sound normal to everyone.
Baby Mad Posts: 1756
I'm going semi private and had blood taken at my 12 week scan (first appointment with the hospital).
ginger nut Posts: 5989
did you have bloods done in teh hospital before? or done by your gp? in the rotunda they do full blood count, blood group, rubella titre (to check immunity), hepB, HIV, chicken pox titre (again to check immunity) at the first appointment (12-14 weeks)....ask at the clinic next time you're there why they havne't been done edited to add that it's the same whether you are public or private.
Tinker Bell Posts: 875
Hi Whackywoman, I'm going as public patient in Combe and I got all my blood work done on my first visit (12 weeks). I'm due back early Feb and they will be doing them again according to my GP. I would ask the doctor when you go back why they have not been done yet, it maybe just an oversight on their half, although maybe they do things different when your a private patient, but I can't imagine that being the case. HTH Tinker Bell *)
breeze Posts: 1175
I got bloods done on the 1st appointment at 9weeks. Didnt get anymore until i was in early labour. It never even dawned on me to ask if i was to get more bloods done. They couldnt break my waters until the results came back, negative of course. But if these has been done beofre i would have had my son alot sooner. make sure and check and get them done. Who is your dr?>
bonita Posts: 1678
I am also going to coombe private. I have only had one apt so far it as last week. They didnt take blood or urine. I was told to bring urine with me next time (4wks time) If they dont take blood at next apt I will be asking why I was surprised they didnt take it last week but Ive never done this before & I didnt think to ask :-8
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
I'm a public patient as well, and I had my blood work and family history taken at 12 weeks. At this stage now you really should have had them done, at your next appointment say it to your doc.