when did you have your first blood test?

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Sphynx Posts: 6795
Sorry - forgot to ask in my last post - did you all have a blood test the first time you visited your GP? I'm only in Week 4 but everything I'm reading says you normally have a blood test at the first visit and I didn't when I went yesterday. Maybe too early? In fact the doctor did very little (I actually think she nearly forgot to confirm I was pregnant until I produced my sample in my mint sauce jar!). What is the norm? Thanks!
SoExcited Posts: 204
Hi BlackCat, On my first visit, I asked the doc to confirm the pregnancy (even though I'd done 2 tests!), he took my blood pressure, took blood, felt my belly, and filled me in on general stuff like what I can't eat and that sort of thing. Hope this helps, SoExcited.
grumpy Posts: 1280
I think that people are referring to first hospital visit, as opposed to GP visit. My own GP also did very little - she took blood pressure but she didn't bother doing her own pregnancy test as I had done two home ones (which are actually more sensitive than GP's strip test things). I had done my own research on hospitals before ttc, so knew I wanted to go with the Domino scheme. If I didn't really know, she probably wouldnt' have been all that much use to me to be honest! She did give me a letter for my first hospital visit, which just included age, any relevant history (asthma), the fact that it was my 2nd pregnancy, and I think that was about it. However, when the midwife came for my first visit, she took urine and blood samples, as well as blood pressure and history etc. So don't worry about it, it seems pretty much normal to me!
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
my first GP appointment was very like yours BlackCat he did nothing really just checked my urine. i didn't get any bloods taken until my 1st scan in hospital at 20wks.
Its a Secret Posts: 178
I had my first bloods done at my forst hospital visit to check for iron/ infection etc. etc. Doctor just checked pee
Lucy D Posts: 91
Hi my 1st offical visit was with my GP to confirm the pregnancy and to get a referrel letter for a consultant, I meet with my consultant at 10 weeks and straight after that visit I went to the hospital to get my 1st round of bloods taken to assess iron levels, rubella, chicken pox etc. So at 10 weeks.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Thanks girls - you've set my mind at ease! Just wanted to be sure I wasn't with "bum" doctor (if you know what I mean!!). I'd never been to her before, only to the older male doctors in the practice and I thought it would be nicer to see a woman near my own age in relation to this. Was expecting more poking and prodding - but am sure there will be plenty of that to look forward to!!! Thanks!