When did you start shopping for Bab's stuff

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Mrs Febbride Posts: 1234
Im nearly 16 weeks now and wont have my 1st scan until around 18-20 weeks so was gonna wait until then to buy anything. Just wondering how far gone were you all when you started purchasing stuff for babs? :thnk
lifestooshort Posts: 2312
I'm also interested in this how late can I realistically leave buying stuff?
Hellothere2010 Posts: 2358
Im buying already!!
sinion Posts: 6050
We picked out what we wanted a few weeks ago but we're only going to start buying this weekend. Few reasons really, had a lot of bleeding and scares early on so didn't expect to get to this stage and wanted to wait until we felt safe to get stuff in. I didn't want to have all the stuff lying around for ages beforehand, now that we're getting closer it's so exciting to think we're getting all the stuff in and we won't be bored of it before babs comes! We're rearranging the whole house too so couldn't really get stuff in until we did that and I've as I've just hit the nesting stage it's all come together nicely!
MeWimmysBaby Posts: 456
What I would say is from my experience not to leave it too late. When I got to 30 weeks I really ran out of a lot of steam and really couldn't do as much as I wanted to. My DH made me wait till 30 weeks to start buying anything and he actually said he regretted it!
tinyfairy Posts: 1536
Hi Girls, Only starting to buy the major things now - ordered pram, cot and changing unit at the weekend. We did pick up a few babygros and bottles when I was about 15 weeks, and the nappies were buy one get one free in tesco when I was about 16 weeks so we picked up lots of them! Enjoy :o)ll
shootingstar Posts: 1340
I had my scan 2 weeks ago, and i went in last thursday and put away all the stuff that i think im gonna need.... going to pay off them week by week and leave them in the shop unitl i have our wee bundle of joy, dont want to jinx anything! im going to start with my bags around week 30!!! I have looked in the shops at al the wee tiny things! But i refuse to buy anything at all!!! When we went for the scan i was told i was havin a girl! but im still afraid to buy anything pink!!!! everything that ive bought is neutral! like my buggy and car seat are grey and orange, and when i buy the babygrows and that they will be a mix of white, yellow and greens! i suppose ill buy one pink and one blue babygrow to take the baby home in?? but that will be in the last few days!!!! :o0 :o0 :o0 Oh i cant wait!!!! Its so exicting!!!! :xox :xox
rushinbride Posts: 1097
I was only saying to DH this morning that nearly 7yrs ago when I was pregnant with my son I had almost everything at this stage...including the hospital bags packed (ya know - just in case :o0 )... I can't wait to do it, as I need to buy everything new anyways cause I had given away all my sons stuff... thinking of going into mothercare this wk now and putting away the bigger items and paying them off weekly... I still have all the blankets...although I need cot sheets....but its lovely washing them just before baby is due and keeping them fresh close by for a nice sniff every now and then... I think if we had been in this house longer I probably would have started buying stuff sooner but at the moment i'm just waiting for the energy to clear the baby's room of the rubbish we'd dumped there when we first moved in (8 wks ago)....but i just have no motivation to go through all those boxes and bags and see whats needed and whats not....but having said that baby will be in our room for a few mths anyway so theres no major rush getting it done....it'd just be nice to have it started... as for babygros and that...i really can't wait to start buying them...my sister had a baby girl 6wks ago..so she'll be passing all the girly stuff my way so i'll probably stock up on blue babygros and a blue outfit or something...i mean they won't go to waste as the next person that has a boy if i don't use them can have them as a gift!! I mean now a pack of newborn vests and babygros maybe blue hat a blue blanket....nothing way over the top.... oh god i can't wait i could nearly start now... :wv
Mrs Febbride Posts: 1234
Hubs wants to start painting the babys room next week but I wont let him cause I am too nervous!!
Mrs Lucy06 Posts: 929
Well once we had our big scan at 20wks I gave in let my hubby buy some stuff, I was the nervous one!! :-8 Anyway what we done was buy nappies when on offer, then wipes & baby bath, sudocream still on first pot babs almost 10mths so dont over load on that, nappies & wipes, cotton wool are the essentials. Also bought some white baby grows!! Got a scare about 30wks gave in decided to go shopping got a great deal on a cot so we bought it, I was sick ended up in A&E the same evening thought they were going to have to give me a section the cot was in the car boot so after that bought nothing else to the week I was due!! :o0 Making a start makes it a bit more real I think! HTH Lucy