when did you start showing

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coolbride Posts: 63
I know everyone is probably a bit different, but just wondering when your "bump" started to appear. I am 14wks now and dont have any obvious bump. I would have a bit of a "tummy" anyway and I just feel that has got a bit harder, but not noticeably rounder, if you know what I mean. Being paranoid now as I've read that you're meant to be able to feel uterus moving out of your pelvis etc!! The things that go through our heads. Would love to know if anyone else is the same?
Moet for me Posts: 1841
I started showing a little at 18 weeks but I ballooned at 20 weeks from there on out I was 14 stone by the time I delivered (I'm normally 9.5 or 10stone) so I was huge. Still trying to lose the weight though :?
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Im 8 or 9 weeks and yesterday (I kid you not, it wasnt there yesterday morning it was there last night), a bump popped up. Its not visible as such, but my tummy under my belly button is rock solid now where as yesterday it was regular soft squishy tummy. Bizarre. Counting the days till monday when I have my scan and the doctor tells me how far gone I am.
jellybaby Posts: 2316
I was out of my normal sizes by 9/10 weeks, and into a larger (non-maternity size). Had a smallish bump showing from 13 weeks on, and was in maternity clothes around 14 / 15 weeks :oops:. Have had a very noticeable bump since arount the 15 / 16 week mark, and at this stage, I feel like I'm huge! I have friends who have given birth in the past 3 or 4 weeks, and at the time they were the full 40 or 41 weeks, they were roughly the same size as I am now, so god knows what size I will end up :roll: !!
Its a Secret Posts: 178
Like Jellybaby, I just mived up a size but now at 15 weeks he roundness is startness so will have to succumb to the aul maternity wear very soon.... Belly pops up worse at night! :shock:
Its a Secret Posts: 178
[quote:4u6gera5]roundness is startness :[/quote:4u6gera5] ????????? OMG My head is mush today..... I am not posting any more
Ducky Posts: 2506
I was out of normal clothes at 9-10 weeks and deffo in past two weeks can't get into anything normal, other than trackies and the odd pair of size 16s, when I would normally be size 14. I have bought maternity clothes but they are a bit big!! So, am officially at fat in-between stage. Is especially bad when full of gas (TMI sorry) Having told everyone our news now, I expect to 'pop' fairly soon.