when did you start taking Iron tablets?

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hugo087 Posts: 315
Hi girls, Just wondering when you all started taking Iron tablets?. Im 20 wks and an so tired was talking to a girl yesturday and she said the reason is probably because your low on Iron! Visited my gp last week and she never said to start taking it s im just wondering when you all started taking Thanks Hugo 087
bumble Posts: 1980
My GP told me to start taking it around 26 / 27 wks as that's when most women start getting low on iron. That said if you are feeling very tired now maybe try taking it and see if it makes a difference.
hugo087 Posts: 315
Thanks Bumble I think i might just buy some galfer in the chemist today!
bumble Posts: 1980
That's the one i'm on. I just take one a day (it says on box one a day to avoid iron deficiency or two a day to treat iron deficiency). I haven't had any probs with it but some people get constipated. If it doesn't agree with you spatone is supposed to be a bit milder and easier to take but that said the GP told me Galfer is the best.
LMR Posts: 1925
Unless you need them then you don't need to take them. If your iron levels are fine there isn't a need to take them. I was on them briefly asI'd be complaining I was really tired all the time but the multi vits I take coupled with my diet mean that I haven't needed to take them. Be glad if you don't need them - they do terrible things to the tummy!!
Gingham Posts: 3014
i started galfer with folic acid around 16 weeks. the hospital told me to take either pregnacare or galfer from 16 weeks on... The pregnacare didnt agree with me so I m taking one galfer a day now.
brookee Posts: 751
I got the galfer there at 28 weeks tablets seem to disagree with my stomache so i had two sample bottles of floradix and no joke after taking for two days i felt the difference so i'm off out today to buy a bottle!
AA11 Posts: 313
At my 20 week appointment, my iron had gone down a bit since my last check but I wasn't deficient. The doctor said I didn't need to take any iron yet, but what I found with my last pregnancy was that my iron went from being a little bit low to being totally deficient by the time I went back for my 32 week appointment, even though I had been taking spatone and then I ended up on two galfer a day for the remainder of my pregnancy with horrible side effects. Anyway, the doctor agreed that I should take one galfer every second day so that is what I am going to do...you could try that...
love struck Posts: 1125
hugo087 In HS they asked me everything I went in did I take iron.. They said every pregnant woman should take it from the start and it cant cause any problems.. My consultant recommeded spatone which gives little sypmtoms reactions as its very mild whereas others you can have some side effects constipation been one:-8 Also i got seeds high in iron and took them when eating seeds and yogurts.. And I avoided iron killing foods/drinks when eating like tea/coffee/diet coke etc.. And I had no problems with iron at all in my pregnancy..
hugo087 Posts: 315
Thanks for all your replies girls I think i might just ask them there opinion in the chemist at lunch! Thanks again Hugo087