When did you start telling people?

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Duncelt Posts: 460
Hi just wondering at what point in peoples pregnancy's you started telling people. I've 7+5 and don't plan to start telling people until after our first scan which is at 12 weeks but finding it hard to stay quiet. My best friend is pregnant and is 16 weeks. I've nearly let it slip a few times. When did you tell or do you plan to tell??
madhatter01 Posts: 495
Hey Im 12 and half wks now and told family the weekend. Was delighted to share the news and its like a weight off your mind! Best of luck
maisedon Posts: 1394
We started telling people when I was 8 weeks. It was just too hard to hide, esp. since I wasn't drinking. When I told my sister she said to me "do you realise that everyone knows already?!!!!" :o0
mamabelle Posts: 1101
We told people after 1st scan too. In hindsight the next time maybe we shoulda waited longer. It was nice for the 2 of us to have our own wee secret - once the news is out is becomes public property... also I'm nearly 37 weeks now and people are coming up to me going "Have you not popped yet - you've been pregnant for ages!"...grrr. But realistically my DH was having to gag me from spilling the beans at 3 weeks so no chance of me keeping quiet!
littletiger Posts: 173
Please God all going well we will wait until we have our 12 week scan (or a private scan a little earlier) i never realised why people made such a big deal about waiting to tell people but i am spending every minute worrying about if everything will be ok, don't know if could handle people knowing yet!
HAPPYBEE Posts: 118
Hiya :wv We told people at 11 weeks, after scan. Nice to keep it to yourself for a while. Am almost 19 weeks now and am beginning to tell people in work. Told my boss ages ago, as I was feeling [email protected] and needed to explain a few runs to the loo. :o0 HAPPYBEE
dreamer Posts: 3941
We have told close friends and family. Apart from my boss haven't told the guys at work yet. Am holding off until I get back from honeymoon. I'll be 17 week at that stage!
busybee07 Posts: 959
I told my mam when it was confirmed by gp at 5 weeks. Didnt tell my dad until about a week later, had to tell him coz my mum almost let slip a few times! Told my boss at 7 weeks as i had a car accident, other then that didnt tell anyone til after i was 12 weeks, not even DH's family. Im 20 weeks now and still telling people. I did find it hard, and my best friend guessed the weekend we found out so being superstitious i wouldnt sit there saying no, so had to tell her. I think she has a nack for guessing coz she did the same with another friend of hers.
mcglick Posts: 463
we told everyone from about 7-8 weeks, started with close family and then it kinda snowballed!
annemc Posts: 26
we waited for 14 weeks to tell everyone. The only reason we waited that long was because I had previously had a miscarriage & was paranoid it would happen again. Otherwise, I dont think I could have held it in that long!