when did you start to show?

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sue ellen Posts: 45
Apart from the sickness that only began in week 13 (am now at wee 17 and it has eased off a bit), am finding it hard to believe I am pregnant. Cant wait for my bump to appear!! How long more do I have ot wait???? Hubbie says I have a wee one, but I think he is only being nice! I just feel like I put on a few pounds on my belly and it just looks a bit like the beer belly I had when I was a student!!! I am just dying to wear some of the gorgeous smocks/maternity tops I have bought, but my mom keeps tellin me to hold off putting them on yet as I will be stuck in them for long enough! Anyone else in the same boat??? :( SE
Lady Di Posts: 2487
It really varies SE unfortunately, its impossible to say. I was showing more this time at four months than I was at six months the first time. I think when its your first though it can take ages to show. I know what you mean though, I was always dying to get my bump. Don't worry you'll get it and by full term you'll be so uncomfortable you'll wonder what your rush ever was :o0 :o0
MissieGold Posts: 1124
Only in the last 3 weeks. People are really surprised that Im 6 months pregnant as im still wearing my own clothes though I have had to pick the looser jeans since last week. Your mum is right - you will be sick of Maternity clothes by the time baby comes along. Downside of bump appearing all of a sudden - Ive just discovered stretch marks :o( Im prone to them and have been using Bio Oil since 7 weeks but alas I will be covered in them in another few months. ;o( (have them on my boobs since I was 14 and hate them) )
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
I suppose in last week it's more noticable and really depends what I am wearing. I still have the two spare tyre look even though it's getting smaller each day. Hoping in a couple of weeks it will look like a proper bump.
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
I got very bloated early on but it went at about week 12. Then i had the 2 belly thing until about week 20. I really only started to look pregnant at about week 22/23. I went on hols at week 21 and looked like i had more of a fat belly than pregnant. Im only small aswell, 5ft and size 8-10 but it took ages for me to show. Even now from behind i dont look pregnant i still have a waist. As far as the maternity clothes are concerned LISTEN TO YOUR MA :o0 i thought id never get into them not i hate them. I need smart clothes for work and maternity clothes are hickey. There are nice stuff online but are expensive, the only place i got anything decent was H&M. At the moment im wearing black maternity trousers from Mothercare and a size small black jumper from Dunnes (one of the ones with the fake white shirt underneath very stretchy) and a black belly band under it.
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
it must be a sign of all the fat on my belly but I had an unmistakable bump at 15 weeks had to tell everyone cause they all new anyway, strangers and all commenting. I do love it though but how big am I going to get?
sue ellen Posts: 45
thanks girlies, was having one of those feeling sorry for myself days and ye cheered me up with the advise. Think I just am dying for everything to happen really quickly!!! Sometimes the tim drags!!!! I was wondering actually when to start using the anit-stretch mark cream so thanks for that tip! have the creams but was waiting till I starting showing/getting a bump before I started to use them. Gues I will start straight away so! thanks for the advice and good luck girlies! SE