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shocked22 Posts: 511
Hi All, I'm sure this has been asked a million times before but was just wondering when did you all tell family, friends, anyone who would listen your good news???? I know that both our families have their suspicions at the moment but we are saying nothing until after our scan on the 3rd May.
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Told my parents at 5wks Told my sister immediately after (4wks) Told his family at 8wks Everyone else at 3 months Its up to you but you really dont have that long left until your scan just 2wks maybe hold it until then if you prefare
Mrs Lucy06 Posts: 929
Told my parents & sisters & DH family at about 9 or 10 wks, then told everyone else after first scan at 14wks. Everyone was surprised I was so far on, really glad I waited am almost 25wks and only starting to show so everyone is like your pregnancy is flying in and it is!!!!! HTH Lucy
mumof2 Posts: 3864
Told my parents at 6 weeks. Immediiately family at 7 weeks and last night Mom told her friends and I told 2 close friends so now the word will get out fast. Trying not to tell work till 4 months though as I started the week I got my BFP and don't know what the situation will be like
NotHere Posts: 10273
Told no-one but wollies doctors and dentists until recently. Then had to tell a senior manager last week because otherwise I think I was going to get into trouble for being awkward (whereas I was trying to get out of things I can't do because of bad ms) and then today I told my immediate manager because I was so sick at the weekend and also because I need time off for my scan next week. After the scan the plan is to tell my parents straight away and then between that day and the next we will tell all our families and then our friends. Can't wait :o)ll
lucky bella Posts: 88
Hi, Told my parents and DH parents, a friend and my boss at 6 wks, told our immediate families and a few close friends around 10wks and everyone else at 12 wks. Had intended not to tell anyone except our families until 12 weeks but circumstances at the time made it hard. I had to tell my boss early because we share the same office and I had a lot of morning sickness so he guessed anyway. I told my friend early because I was going to be her bridesmaid and we had just got the dresses! My advice is, have a plan when to tell but don't get too upset if it doesn't come off.
sally Posts: 1140
We were terrible, I told my sister couple days after I found out cause I couldnt keep it in. We told my in-laws at seven weeks as my SIL lives abroad and was home so it was our only chance to tell them all together. We have also told most of our close friends now as well (im eight weeks today). Just couldnt keep it in and didnt want to be lying to people and making up reasons for being off the beer. To be honest the people we told are those that will know if anything goes wrong anyway so I dont mind jumping the gun. I wont tell work till 12 weeks.
Eris Posts: 870
My sis was TTCing for about a minute when she got pregnant :o0 so she knew very quickly that she was pregnant. Then they didn't tell ANYONE until she was three months gone! Although apparently my brother found out accidentally a little while before the announcement. I couldn't believe that my mum didn't know she was pregnant - she was up staying with her and everything. :o0
oirish Posts: 1541
we told the last time at 8 weeks, the inlaws, my parents, well, my mum knew from day one and a few friends knew as soon as I did. Mc at nearly 10 weeks. Will not be telling anyone until after 12 weeks, or as long as I can manage not after that the next time (hopefully) we get a bfp.
shocked22 Posts: 511
Thanks for that girls. I did actually tell my parents after I had it confirmed with the doc as I had myself so convinced I was going to miscarry that I wanted the support of my parents if it happened. Won't say it to anyone else now until will have been for the scan and know everything is ok. I have a dentists appointment next week....should I say something to him?? My only concern is that he is my dp's family dentist and would hate for them to find out through him!!! It's just a check up, would I get away with saying nothing?