When did you tell your parents?

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Bgerk Posts: 118
I told my parents a couple of days after I found out (about 2 weeks ago), I couldn't keep it in and they live in Australia so it's not like they can tell anyone else over here! However we haven't told DH's parents yet. He didn't really want to tell them until 12 weeks. However we see them all the time and I think they have guessed (me not drinking etc) I just don't see the point of keeping this whole charade up because if something was to go wrong we'd probably tell them anyway. I also don't want to offend them by keeping it secret so long. All my friends at home would tell their parents as soon as they found out, is that the norm here? What do you think? I know it's a personal decision but would love to hear what you all did.
honeybunch Posts: 1218
We told both immediate families as soon as we found out. Couldn't keep it in.
babyluck Posts: 764
everyone is different depending on history (I had a mc and that delayed me until 12 weeks) and then I had a family wedding so I am extreme but we are telling people this weekend the 12 week mark is imp to some people others say that if something (god forbid) did happen that they would want the family support so they didn't mind telling them early very much up to you both HTH *)
hipbaby Posts: 4530
On my first preg I decided to wait until 12 weeks and then had complications about 7 weeks and ended up blurting it over the phone to my mam in tears and the same with DH's Mam..disaster :o( So when i got pg again i told early as if the same thing happened again I wanted to of had the nice, happy experience of telling! The same thing did happen but at least they knew my news.. HTH www.hipbaby.ie
bam bam Posts: 1756
Our first pregnancy ended in M/c and we had planned on not telling anyone until the 12 week mark, so when we got the bad news it was horrible telling our family who had no idea i was pregnant. This time we told them as soon as we found out as we figured we can't prevent things from going wrong again and really wanted to celebrate with family no matter what, so glad we did. I know we all worried until I got the all clear but it was great having the support there. Congrats by the way, enjoy every minute :o)ll
red_rubies Posts: 2424
I told my mother when I was about 6 weeks but we didn't tell my dad or DH's parents til I was about 11 weeks, simply because they wouldn't have kept it to themselves. I found it so hard waiting to tell people but DH really didn't want to so I respected that.
NewMom1 Posts: 1252
i told my mam 3 days after i found out and had it confirmed by doc, she then told my Dad but we didnt tell DHs family till 11 weeks and asked them to hold it in till xmas. I needed to tell my Mam cos i was a bit in shock at the whole thing and i needed the support. If your parents live in Oz it might be nice to share it with DH's mam to have that motherly support. It really is such a personal choice though!
Babystar Posts: 195
I'm going to tell my parents tomorrow - I'll be 7 weeks then. I've managed to keep it secret the past 3 weeks, but had a scan yesterday and saw the heartbeat so feel more comfortable to tell them now. DH doesn't want to tell his parents until 12 weeks, so we'll keep it quiet until then. Its a personal choice really.
bellatoscana Posts: 390
We told both sets of parents straight away as we couldn't keep it to ourselves. Hubby's Mum would have guessed some was up as I have been very ill so not really able to eat much. We took the view heaven forbid if something happened we would also want them to know and their support. Everyone is different you will know what the best decision for you is. Best of luck.
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
7 weeks + 2 days, on my birthday. We went home for a few days for Easter and I had a scan in the morning. I'd bought a copy of 'The Good Granny Guide' and wrapped it up with a copy of the scan pic on the age that says 'So you're going to be a grandmother'. As it was my birthday, we went out for a meal. My sister brought the wrapped up book - she'd made my mother buy the wrapping paper and sellotape for it and everything.. When she brought it out, I asked Mam to open it. She was looking at me like I was half mad but she did it. When she saw 'The Good Granny Guide' she burst out laughing for about 5 seconds.. then paused and looked at me in a very confused way and said 'Are you trying to tell me something?'. I told her to look at the 'bookmark' and she burst into tears, with a big grin on! Then she turned to dh and said 'Well done, well done' :o0 :o0 It was lovely but scared the life out of me as it was the first time it really felt real! Glad I didn't wait longer.. I think she'd have killed me! It does feel as if I've been pregnant forever though.. wish 12 week scan would hurry up and hoping it's all fine!