When did your morning sickness kick in?

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pluto Posts: 3893
I know this has probably been asked a cajillion times! I presume everybody is different. I was very nauseous before BFP, but it has eased now. I'm waiting for it to kick in I suppose in a couple of weeks. Whats the norm?
dovedro Posts: 1295
Mine started at about 6 weeks, it just started with funny smells and then went to not being able to eat anything except chocolate and junk food!
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
Mine started about 8-9 weeks and the this week it’s got really bad again (am 12 weeks) I HAVE to eat every hour or I will puke, enjoy you’re time without Morning sickness as when it arrives you feel like it will NEVER go again….. However saying that I am not complaining whatsoever I even manage a little smile in between puking!!!!!! :-8
Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
Mine never started at all :eek Serious...i am one of the lucky ones and never had any bad morning sickness...
pluto Posts: 3893
Wow Heavenleigh, you're lucky! I'm kind of expecting mine to be bad, coz anything hormonal with me makes me nauseous. Since last year I'm sometimes nauseous during AF, and even when I used to take a break from the pill and go back on it, I used to be dying for a few days. Waking during the night to get sick and everything!
Lisa_B Posts: 56
None here either - in fact had no signs at all - apart from missed period. And I would say I used to be the type that would get sick at anything!!! Could not believe it - thought I would be glued to the loo.
pluto Posts: 3893
[quote="Lisa_B":3mcaskyo]None here either - in fact had no signs at all - apart from missed period. And I would say I used to be the type that would get sick at anything!!! Could not believe it - thought I would be glued to the loo.[/quote:3mcaskyo] Aw Lisa_B, baby Orla is gorgeous!! :lvs
mrsjay Posts: 190
have to say i'm one of the very lucky ones too. i got one sudden and very short (5 mins!) bout of nausea the day i missed AF and haven't had anything since then. i don't generally get or feel sick anyway but i would suffer quite bad pains every month with AF, so i kinda thought i might have a more "iffy" pregnancy, but i've flown through it so far. you just can never tell. fingers crossed for you tho!!! btw - i agree, little orla is gorgeous!! :wv
DublinGirl Posts: 1307
Hi Madgie, I too am waiting with anxiousness for my ms to kick in. I am 5 weeks gone now and on my second. I had terrible morning sickness from about week 7. It lasted until I was about 18 weeks. I vomited from morning to night and almost went to hospital to have IV. (long story). I'm dreading it this time around. I can't relax and enjoy my pregnancy cause I'm worried about being so sick again. I notice my sense of smell is now getting quite strong and little things like putting things in my bin in my kitchen at home is turning me. I had my first little wave of nausea yesterday morning and it lasted for about 2/3 mins. I took the advise of some mums on here and went to Boots yesterday evening and bought the acupressure bands for travel and morning sickness. I had them on all last night and while I slept. I didn't wear them into work today cause they are grey in colour and look like sweat bands and I know everybody will be quizzing me if they see me with them on. I probably won't give a fiddlers in 2 weeks time who sees them on me I'll be that sick. :hic :hic :hic :o( I'm hoping that this pregnancy will be a little different. Here's hoping. Are you feeling sick yourself yet???? Fingers crossed for both of us. :wv
sally Posts: 1140
I never got morning sickness a presume wont at this stage, was just really really exhausted till about 13 weeks. Everyone is different, you might get none at all