When did your morning sickness start?

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Elizabeth Bennett Posts: 682
I'm sorry if this has been done to death but I am worried about having no nausea or sickness yet? I am 5 weeks today, so far I am just really tired and have the usual twinges/cramps and also have very achy legs. I am driving myself mad googling MS and have read a number of times about no MS being a bad sign of low progestrone and miscarriage.Does MS normally kick in later or should it really have started by now?
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Mine started between weeks 6 & 7 - not everybody gets it and as someone who is still sick everyday I wouldn't wish for it :o0
mamajen Posts: 2263
Started for me bang on 6 weeks! Not everyone gets it though and count yourself very lucky if you don't!
Mari yay Posts: 4045
Don't be wishing it on yourself!! I never had any MS at all and I'm over 19 weeks. I did have the extreme tiredness you mention though!
leopardess Posts: 906
between 6 & 7 weeks
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
I only really had it all last week so I would say week 8 but I have had nothing really all weekend. Count yourself lucky :lvs
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
6 weeks bang on the dot!!
honeymoon baby Posts: 270
Dont wish it on yourself girl. I was the same as you, i found out when i was 4-5 weeks pregnant had no sickness, only tiredness and sore boobs. I read on the internet about about morning sickness being a healthy sign so i started to panic. I said it to my own doctor an she said take no notice that its not true and if i dont get it im one of the lucky ones. I wasnt one of the lucky ones!!!! i got morning day and night sickness from about 6 till 16 weeks. Its not pleasent. Try not to take much notice of the internet.
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I was really sick from about six weeks until about 16 weeks. Not everyone gets it though, I've known people who were lucky enough to escape! I was sicker in the evenings and at night too, but queasy all day long. You might be lucky and escape it, I'm now 28 weeks and still have some off days.
gopro Posts: 1801
I'm one of the lucky ones I'm 24 weeks and not no MS I've heard of more people not havin it since I've said I've had none