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Midlands Mum Posts: 871
Hi Oirish im about 12wks (although at my scan last week doc seemed to think im a week or so ahead of that) so im carrying the next ''Saviour'' as thats the immaculate conception.. Anyhow my MS eased off about 10wks, but yest morning i was chatting to DH opened the fridge to get the milk and whatever was in there, turned my stomach and i had to run to the loo. I was fine then didnt know what it was.. Hope you feel better soon chick :wv
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
16 weeks............nearly to the day....... But still have some bad days....was sick after every dinner this weekend :o( Sorry I know that's not what you want to hear! :o(
newyearbabs Posts: 686
It was around 16wks for me as well but like hopefully07 I still get sick most days, but, its no where near as bad as it was I don't feel sick like I did with the MS at the start, it just comes over me and I have to run to the loo but after I feel grand. Hopefully you'll feel better soon :xxx
fire fly Posts: 1241
You poor thing. I was sick for the first 22 weeks with all 3 of mine. It is terrible and I think I tried absolutely everything ginger travel sick braclet thing, and nothing works. Try and ride it out cause its worth it in the end! Hard to think of that though when you're sitting over the toilet though. Drink lots of water so you won't get dehidrated (sp!)
Hellothere2010 Posts: 2358
girls i want to wish you all well with your pregnancies. Please god this time next year I'll be in your position but one thing really worried me - the vomitting. I have a fear of getting sick ever since i was a child and the sickness you describe is terrifying me. Does anything help? How do you hold down a job with all the throwing up? Is it like a stomach bug or can you hold it in until you get to the loo? God I dont know how ID cope. Oirish - I hope you dont mind me asking on your thread - just wondering why you are all online here.
alycan Posts: 55
Hi Oirish, sorry to hear about the sickness. I know how you feel. It feels like it just goes on forever at times and like yourself although I was just glad all was fine I did get peed off at times and have a good auld cry. Nothing wrong with that :) I am now just about 15 weeks and it's only in the last week it's eased off and still I was sick yesterday and this morning which caught me by surprise as I was having a few good days in a row! Still feel naseous at times though but nowhere near as bad as I was. I really hope it all eases off for you soon. LivDec2007 I know exactly how you feel I was always afraid of being sick as a child and would be in tears every time. MS was very hard for me as I ALWAYS find it very hard to get sick and more times then not feel like I am choking (sorry if tmi). In saying that when it's put upon you, you learn to cope and find the best way to deal with it every day. You kinda get used to it. Hey if I can get through it, I think anyone can! Hopefully your experience won't be as bad as mine and you never know you might bypass the whole MS altogether. Best wishes :wv
cbs Posts: 704
Hi, Was really sick up to 12 weeks and then felt kinda better, really bad then week 15, doctor wrote me off work and was going to send me to hospital if I didn't keep fluids down... Got a little better then but even now at week 23 I can have my moments! Out with friends last friday evening (not even that late) for a bite to eat and 15 minutes after leaving the restaurant I was over somebodies hedge throwing up (Morto! 7 o'clock in d evening and I puking on someones shrubs with no drink on board!) it's tiring but chin up... It'll all be worth it (or so my mam keeps telling me!!) :o0
oirish Posts: 1541
hey girls. thanks for all the advice. Well i had a whole day today with no vomitting :o)ll Little bit of nausea but no getting sick. woohoo. So so good to be not throwin up ! So we'l see how it goes tomorrow I seem to get a day or two now where i'm not sick. Liv - I find it really really horrible. Like your worst hangover all day long every day. When I'm sick sometimes it's really hard but your body just makes you cough and get sick and there is nothing you can do about it. I just cry lots cos it's hard. But as everyone says and I know myself, it's all worth it. It really is.