When do babies arrive?

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bellababy Posts: 72
Hi I'm 38 weeks and beginning to wonder when baby might make an appearance. Just wondering does anyone know the stats or a link to the stats? Ideally I'd want the stats on natural labours as opposed to induced. It's my 2nd baby was induced early last time for medical reasons so don't know when I would have started! Thanks a very impatient mother to be!!
lush11 Posts: 2877
Before 37 weeks: 4% 37 weeks: 5% 38-39 weeks: 10% 39-40 weeks: 20% 40-41 weeks: 35% 41-42 weeks: 20% Over 42 weeks: 10% Not sure how accurate those figures are but I was one week over exactly when i had my baby. Apparetnly there is only a 1%/5% (not sure which) that you will have your baby on your due date. I was due on the sunday, had a failed sweep on the wednesday but started getting pains the next day after a long walk so i put it down to the fact that the sweep must of done something or the walk.
bellababy Posts: 72
[quote="Mrs Poppyseed":2s1tzsfk]No to be smart but babies arrive when they are good and ready. On dd1 I was induced at 38 weeks cos of low fluid levels. My waters weent by themselves on dd2 at 37 weeks and then nothing happened and I ended up having a section. You still have another two weeks until term and then a possible 2 weeks overdue so in theory it cud be a month before ur babs arrives...[/quote:2s1tzsfk] Why would you tell someone they could have a month left? That's just mean!! You may be right but what's wrong with a bit of positivity!!
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
awh bellababy, dont worry you might go early! Dont think you might have 4 weeks left think.... I could go any day now!! enjoy this gorgeous weather xx