when do you find out??

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searchingforBFP Posts: 111
What sex the baby is? I thought it could be at the 12 week scan?? Oh I am only about 5 weeks pregnant and I am convinced I am showing alrady. I am thin enough and every time I look at my belly I think it is huge?? I dont know what I am goin to wear to work...I am back to work in a week and I usually wear pencil skirts and blouses and now I havent a clue. Do you have to wear lose clothes and of so does anyone have any ideas?? I am a Teacher so a lot of ideas would be great!!
Pinkly Posts: 1414
I think they can tell the sex of baby between 12-16wks. As for showing, it would be very unusal for you to be showing now. It's probably just bloating as you wont start to show until around 16-20wks on your first.
Milis in disguise Posts: 727
Next have some lovely floaty type tops. I'm sure lots of people have put on weight over the Christmas though, so you probably won't have anyone commenting on it. TMI, but are you constipated? THis could lead to you being bloated. As for finding out, I thought they weren't sure til after 20 weeks.
classygal Posts: 436
Hi, Yeah I think its the 20 week scan that can tell the sex of the baby, it will soon come round :wv