When do you get 1st scan

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Faithful Nite Posts: 859
Hi Girls, just a quick question about your first scan. I haven't gotten a date for mine yet and was at the doc 4 weeks ago now. Am meeting the nurse this Friday so am beginning to think that they will only be informing the hospital after this visit. I am 8 weeks today and would really hope to have my scan done before Christmas but am beginning to think it will be after Christmas as the doc has left it too late to let the hospital know. Can anyone tell me how long they were waiting for their 1st scan. I'll be going to the maternity in limerick. Thanks
2to3 Posts: 182
hey there I was about 5 weeks when I got my date for my scan - and its tomorrow - and I am nearly 15 weeks. But dont worry they bring you in when you are around 13 - 16 weeks so even if your doctor only gets on to them now - they will still give you a date for when you are around this stage in your pregnancy. Once my doctor sent my forms into the regional I got my appointment in about like 3 days - they were very quick to respond.
Faithful Nite Posts: 859
Ya thats what I was thinking but with Christmas and all I am worried that my scan won't be till the 1st week in Jan when I will be 16 weeks. If thats the case I will pay to get it done private as I had a bit of spotting in Week 4 + 5 and would like to know that everything is ok before we start telling people. Would really like to tell everyone at Christmas. Guess I'll know more on Friday when I see the nurse. :wv
mop1 Posts: 1564
We had ours yesterday and Im 17 weeks. And they only sent out the appointment to me last week! We had rang when I was 10 weeks cos I thought we should have heard by then, they had all my details but she said it could be any time between 12 & 18 weeks.