When do you have to name your baby?

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Sybil Fawlty Posts: 1541
Was just thinking about this. Do you have to name your baby, officially, by the time it leaves hospital after being born? Or, if you're still undecided for a few days can you leave it until you make your decision... as in maybe a week or two after birth and you've already gone home? Anybody know?
Toni Baloney Posts: 544
Friends of mine recently waited til the baby was 2 weeks old to name her (she was well home by that stage).
Emomc Posts: 2069
You do it when you register the birth, which is normally in hospital or shortly after, but you can wait and do it anytime after the birth, within a reasonable time period. Registering your baby also kicks off payment of child benefit so ideally you should aim to do it within 2 weeks
Babystar Posts: 195
Friends of mine took at least a month because they couldn't decide!
classychick Posts: 145
We had a baby on the 3rd of April and only named him after 4 weeks....we just couldnt decide! Worst part was that we knew it was a boy since 16 week scan........only person that wanted a name was the PHN - she rang a few times to see if we had decided...she said you have up to 3 months before you have to register their name. So take your time...after all you cant change it and it stuck with them for ever.........
leopardess Posts: 906
as far as i know and someone can correct me if im wrong but you have to register the baby within 3 months of its birth. so i guess you have just under 3 months after baby is born
smurf77 Posts: 2216
unless you have your inlaws breathing down your neck, Baby as a name losts its appeal very quickly :o0 :o0 :o0
Sybil Fawlty Posts: 1541
Thanks guys for the info. I'm always surprised when I get a text to say "Matilda Jones born at 10am 7lbs 3oz Mother and baby doing well".... They always have the baby's name in the text. I'd imagine it'll take us a few days to decide when the time does come. Good to know we can do this.
Shannan Posts: 1334
I know somebody who was registered as baby or possibly child. They couldn't decide between 2 names, it was only when he was 12 and needed a passport that he picked the name he liked best himself :ooh that he was properly registered with a name. I'm not sure if they might have changed things now and I'm sure it would be discouraged anyway, but that story always makes my jaw drop.