When do you loose baby bump?

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NewGirl Posts: 1143
Just wondering how long roughly does it take to get back into normal clothes? Baby due end Nov would like to get new wardrobe for Christmas. Is this totally unrealistic. Havn't gained a huge amount of weight i dont think?? When up at clinic I see new mums heading home and they still look very pregnant, when does this go down?
charli Posts: 5994
i think my bump kinda went straight away i put on 2 stone, so lost a stone at birth that left me with a stone to loose and i lost about half stone BF for 4 months so i had just been left with a half stone to knock off its different for everyone - once out of hospital i think i just looked like i had a spare tyre and big boobs, i wore tracksuits a lot for the first 2 weeks but i remember wearing my fave diesel jeans when babs was 2 weeks and i looked relatively normal!!
Tigletts Posts: 2904
I'm the same as Charli, lost the bump very quickly and back into my normal clothes after about 2 weeks or less :o)ll It's that extra half stone that'll be a bugger to shift though O:|
Mrs J Posts: 387
Same here - breastfeeding has really helped I think. I remember the physio coming to see me at the hospital the day after DD was born and I was all flabby but by the time I was leaving hospital, it had tightened up as the uterus was going back to its original size. I was back in my clothes within weeks though I don't think they look as well as they did as I've about half ston/10lbs to lose. Not even trying to lose it at the moment - still breastfeeding and still very hungry!
andypandy28 Posts: 553
Well i came out of the hospital looking about 6 months pregnant. Im normally a size 12 but went to tescos that night to get some combats and tracckies and bough a size 14 and they didnt fit me, it took about 2 weeks for them to fit. I stayed a size 14 for a few months and only recently am back into a 12. I eat really well, and do excercise, everyday walking with the pam etc. I think it normally takes at least 6 months to loose all the weight. Belly was gone after about 3 weeks, then it was just flab. back into a 12 now but still about half a stone to go. My boady just looks different now, not really bigger just different, loads of stretch marks. I put on about 3 stone when pg, but had pre ecamplisa so had loads of fluid.
jellybaby Posts: 2316
I put on 3.5 stone, and lost 2 stone of that after DD was delivered :eek :eek :eek. Was back in my normal trousers within a few days, but the tops took longer. My boobs never went back to their original size (I'm a cup size bigger than before :o() so that sort of threw off any clothes shopping I planned - I kept putting it off thinking I'd get back into my own clothes but eventually realised I had to go up a size permanently (just for the sake of comfort around the chest area >:o( ) As for the jelly belly, while I don't look pregnant, I'm still trying to shift it, 10 months on :o0
NewGirl Posts: 1143
Thanks ladies, I think I'll take that shopping trip after all, just might be looking at the next size up, anything is better than these horrible maternity clothes.