When do you order your wedding rings?

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honest woman Posts: 322
I had thought you could just go in and buy your wedding rings on the spot....but then I saw posts about people ordering them etc. How long does it take for rings to arrive? Is it possible to just buy them on the spot in a jewellers?
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
It can work either way...we got h2b's on the spot and mine I had to order...it was 2 weeks to come in
mrsmaybride2010 Posts: 843
hi honest bride my uncle is making mine as he a jeweller, we are getting married in may so he told us to come in in february so we can tell him what we want. like other poster said it all depends on where you go and what it is you both want
evalena Posts: 1130
think it depends on a) your finger size and whether it's in the shop - some ppl like getting their ring in their exact size instead of resizing. b)the style and whether what you want is in the shop or not. Something more bespoke might need to be ordered or designed then made. I got mine there and then as it's plain enough!
titta76 Posts: 103
HI! Order mine six months before the wedding. I dont want to leave everything to the last minute.