When do you start putting on weight?

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mrsryan2be Posts: 231
Hi, wondering when you start putting on weight in pregnancy. Usually i maintain my weight by weighing myself once a week. If I am a pound or 2 over my weight il do a few extra gym sessions, if im under i fill up with bigger dinners. But now i dont know should i be doing this??
CherylC Posts: 1071
It really depends on the individual. I started to put on weight straight away, almost as soon as I found out. It can be a combination of water retention as well as a baby inside you! I would not worry about putting on weight - its going to happen and I certainly wouldn't be trying to loose weight. For example, weight watchers won't let you do it while pregnant as you shouldn't diet. You'll loose it again once baby arrives. Best of luck!
gingerwhinger Posts: 1421
I didn't start putting on weight until I was about 18/19 weeks. I'd quite bad sickness until then so it was only after I got over that and got my appetite back when I started putting on the pounds!!
Silini2 Posts: 3834
Mrsryan I def don't think you should be trying to lose weight but it's fine to exercise away.... I tend to put up a bit straightaway then it goes on gradually till the end. I lost it fine afterwards once I put my mind to it... Good luck
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
i had alot of ms at the beginning of my pregnancy and i actually lost weight. I have only got my apetite back in the last 2 weeks and my weight is slowly starting to go back on. STill not back to pre pregnancy weight yet though.
Silini2 Posts: 3834
I suffer terrible with MS too but eating seems to be the only thing that works!! I'm eating all day every day... I'm gonna be huge!!
Dr of love Posts: 425
Hmmm, I think I started putting on weight at about 24 weeks. I had lost a lot with being sick till about 20-22 weeks, even though I thought I was eating a lot and was only vomiting acid every time. Have really noticed the weight going on since 30 weeks though, before that was only barely getting me up and over my prepregnancy weight. It really really is an individual thing. You shouldn't bother expecting to put on baby weight as per the chart, particularly if you are a healthy weight to begin with (which it sounds like you are). If you feel you are getting tubby, it is worth asking yourself if it could be water retention and not actual 'weight' before you even think about trying to control what you eat. The best advice I can give you is forget about the scales completely till after baby arrives and eat when you are hungry, that is the best judge of what you need for the baby. I find I can be so so starving at times so I eat till full, and then all those calories are gone again in 2 hrs and I'm starving again so will eat again. I avoid eating crap where possible and avoid eating when I am not hungry as my body obviously doesn't need anythign at that point. Its worked well for me, baby has grown well, my body hasn't changed really other than bump and boobs but my goodness, have I eaten a lot some days!
mrsryan2be Posts: 231
thanks for all the advice girls! I am 6 weeks now and normally have a very flat stomach, but the last few days i feel its really bloated, maybe it is water retention like you are saying.
charliebear Posts: 29
I usually have a fairly health diet but I went off all vegies in the first 12-16 weeks and craved carbs and chocolate. I put most of my weight on in those weeks and then slowed down when my eating returned to normal. Plus I'm retaining a bit of water. A friend of mine put no extra weight on until 20 something weeks and then continued to gain until baby arrived so it really depends on the person. I know its easier said than done but I would try not to worry too much don't deprive your self but also don't over do it on chocolate and takeaways etc and enjoy being pregnant.
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
Everyone is different and every pregnancy is different. On pg number 1, I was bloated from about 4 weeks but didn't put on weight until about week 20. On pg number 2 actually lost weight initially so my weight didn't increase until after 26 weeks.