When do you start to show???

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madridsprog Posts: 272
hey ladies as you can see i have only just started :o)ll :o)ll We have a firends wedding at the end of may, another in July towards the end and one in September, the reason for the Q is I bought a dress in Jenny Vandars for the weddings we have in May and july, its a vintage 1930 hollywood dress and its gorg, (Spanish weddings are vvvv formal expecially if its a night one hence the dress) and I need to get it taken in, I know it wont make much of a difference to the one next month but am not sure if you start to show at 4 or 5 months :eek :eek if so anyone know any good pregnancy clothes sites online?
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
I think most people would have a bump from around 18 weeks on but it all depends on your shape etc. Im gone 15 weeks and just look like ive eaten a few too many dinners :o0 dont have a pronounced bump . on dd1 i had a definite bump around 19 weeks or so. sorry i know thats not much help.
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
Im tiny and at 26 weeks still have a small bump! Up to 20 weeks you'd never know I was pg but I wasn't wearing my own jeans as my tummy was bigger than normal but just not obvious to the general public! Congrats on bfp btw *)
aylala Posts: 3673
my jeans are a bit tight but its mostly from bloating the rest of me is fine. Were due round the same time so can keep in touch with our progress
Inlove10 Posts: 806
I'm showing now (small bump) at 11 weeks and I'm trying to hide it by wearing baggy clothes until I tell them in work! My I'm the exception but I think when you're wearing a dress it shows more and it also depends whether you are going to put on weight around your sides or just to the front everyone is different. Maybe wait until nearer the time?
Emomc Posts: 2069
Everyone is different so its hard to guage,while you may have a bit of bloating before 12 weeks most women dont have a definite bump until after that and then it varies big time! I was in my own normal jeans untill about 22 weeks, and even up until around 24 weeks like the previous poster you would have thought I ate one too many pies as opposed to having a defined bump. I might have thought I had a bump but its only when it really appeared from 25 weeks and growing rapidly by the day that I know this is really what a bump is! Also apparently bump is slower to define on first time mums (again everyone is different)
Dora the explorer Posts: 1570
How long is a piece of string really, unfortunately everyone is different so you just have to hang on and see I would say. I am huge :o0
Mrs.G Posts: 1828
[quote="Dora the explorer":2xbe47c8]How long is a piece of string really, unfortunately everyone is different so you just have to hang on and see I would say. I am huge :o0[/quote:2xbe47c8] As am I!! I have a massive bump! As they say everyone is different. I am quite petite & as my gynae said, it has nowhere else to go. I was starting to show quite early & couldn't hide it at 12 weeks. So hard to know...leave it as close to the time as possible...everyone is different!
madridsprog Posts: 272
Thanks ladies Great to know and thanks for all your feedback, I know its different with each pregnancy but its good to know at least to gauge it! Ayala, I'm usually in the Dec09 forum so we can stay in touch, at the moment I'm actually losing weight, well not weight more water as I'm peeing for Spain at the mo :o0 :o0 Thanks again all and for all the kind words
LadyMary Posts: 1050
Friends at 12 weeks looked definitely pregnant. It effects everyone differently i guess. I wouldn't like work to know for ages when our time (hopefully) comes but it would be impossible. Of course you can hide a bump, but if i have bad sickness, i have to pass half the office to go to loo and i'm such a bad a patient all i want is cuddles and my hot water bottle. So fingers crossed for me.