When do you take off your train/veil?

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Bella05 Posts: 14
Hiya, I'm wearing a long-ish train and veil on the day. The train is removeable - when do you take it off, is it before the first dance or after?
honeymoonperiod Posts: 102
I think its up to yourself really - no set rules but I'm taking mine off after the first dance - just for the photo's etc
mrs august05 Posts: 949
im taking mine off after the first dance as well thats if it doesnt annoy me before then
Mokey Posts: 576
I'll probably take the veil off and bustle up the dress after the first dance - but as august05 said, it may be bug me before I get to that stage!! I'll gauge it on the day and see how I feel but there's no set rules.
Bella05 Posts: 14
thanks a mil, I think I'll have to see how easy it is to move around in like you've said