When do you tell work?

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coffeeBean Posts: 77
not that i'm ttc or anything, just wondering for futire reference really. do you have to tell your empolyer by a certain stage in the Pregnancy?
jellybaby Posts: 2316
I think it's really a personal choice.....although msot people prefer to leave it as long as possible. I am just about the 8 weeks, and I told my boss this week, as I need time off for my appointment next week. Other than that I wouldn't have told him so soon, and I know he won't tell anyone else.
kirsten Posts: 146
I have to notify 15 weeks before due date or "as soon as is reasonably practicable". I reckon at 25 weeks or so it'll be pretty obvious. I'm going to hold off until as long as possible though. I just feel the more people know the longer the pregnancy will feel. At 9 weeks we haven't told a soul and don't plan to til week 15 or 16.
anon42day Posts: 45
I told my boss at 14 wks but asked him to keep it to himself for another while - but I wanted to give him time to find my replacement for all those months off!! Will tell my colleagues soon enough maybe in a few weeks some are guessing already :?
Lucy D Posts: 91
I waited until I got the all clear from my first scan so that was about 11/12 weeks gives them plenty of time to get used to the idea but other than that it is really up to you although you might not be able to keep it a secret that long depend on how you are coping i.e. morning sickness it might be obvious.