When does milk come-in?

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Childmad Posts: 85
Am 27 wks with twins. :o)ll I dont know why, but I expected that by now, I'd have colostrum, or milk or something by now? Am I totally crazy-does this only happen after you've had the babies? :-8
Duncelt Posts: 460
They say it doesn't come until 2/3 days after baby(s) born - you prob have colostrum etc.. but it doesn't necessarily leak - i'm 32 weeks now and I've had no leaking!
swissgirl Posts: 2301
It can happen pre-birth but its more common after birth. After the birth in the first 2-3 days your colostrum (spelling) will come in. It looks like a yellowy fatty liquid about day 3/4 your milk will fully come in. The midwife will try and get you BF from the very beginning. hth swiss
TracyD Posts: 750
You have milk from about 16 weeks of pregnancy :-) If you've had breast changes during your pregnancy you should start to see some leaking in the next few weeks. If you've had no breast changes I would contact a Lactation Consultant - especially if you've had fertility treatment as it could be a hormonal issue. Congrats on the twins ! Tracy
mummytime Posts: 3149
I didn't leak at all during pregnancy however I have been breastfeeding for the past 3.5 months.
spanish mum Posts: 2468
TraceyD - I´ve gone from a34A to a 36C...and have had no leaking whatsoever. (due date in 26 days). SB
Mokey Posts: 576
I've been leaking colostrum since about 26 weeks - thought I was going mad until I read up about it and found that it was perfectly normal. Not sure if it's because I've exceptionally large boobs though. I've gone up from a G to an I cup since getting pregnant!
Maybump Posts: 527
I've just noticed in the past day or 2 that I've started leaking and as you can see I'm 28 weeks and 5 days but I suppose everyone is different. [url=http://www.TickerFactory.com/] [img:yfswhtmv]http://tickers.TickerFactory.com/ezt/d/1;18;96/st/20090426/dt/5/k/cf9a/preg.png[/img:yfswhtmv] [/url]
jenny s Posts: 151
Spanish bump I never leaked before delivery and had plenty of milk 2 days after. Do a little squeeze next time your in the shower and you will see tiny yellowish secretion - colustrum (sp). Dont panic its there alright! Twins! Lucky you, double the magic :lvs
sunshiniest Posts: 303
Breastfed my son for 8 months. Never had 'leaking' before he was born. I'm sure there was colostrum there that with suckling would have been released but my experience was that I certainly didn't leak! Boobs were bigger in pregnancy and baby suckled nearly incessantly with the odd nap for the first twenty four hours after birth. The lovely foreign nurse on the ward laughed and said that he was placing such a big order I would get 'much milk'! She wasn't kidding!! By about day 3 my proportions had turned Jordanesque (pre-boob reduction) and there was definitely milk leaking at that stage! Different people have different experiences. It all sounds normal! :wv