When does the bump drop?

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NewMom1 Posts: 1252
Hi Girls, just wondering at what point is the bump meant to drop? I am 36 weeks now and my bump seems to be getting higher! Was looking back over my notes last night from AN classes ( yes, swot, I know!) and I had written down that it drops at 36 weeks- so now I'm wondering are my dates wrong!
frangipani Posts: 1543
my bump hasn't dropped yet either! isn't it round about when the baby's head is engaged and getting ready for birth? i'm completely open to correction on this, can't say i have experienced this yet!
babybuzz Posts: 474
i dont think you can put a exact time when the bump drops or if it even drops! my sisters bump never dropped at all my sister is laws bump was so low it was like a football between her legs (her words not mine!) my bump dropped and got bigger last wednesday, i would have been 36 +4 but i dont think it means anything.
kala Posts: 1937
my bump never dropped and ds head was engaged for a few weeks before i had him a week early.tbh it differs for everyone. i don't know how many times people told me that on my first that not a hope in hell would i go early while i had them convinced i would and i did.
NewMom1 Posts: 1252
thanks for the replies girls, i think im just paranoid cos baby was breech and has turned but now bump is getting higher, and i thought should be getting lower! And... i have been given such a range of due dates that I was afraid i might be less gone than i think i am, which i dont think i could handle right now!!