When is it ok to tell close friends & family?

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XcitedMum2b Posts: 165
Ok I know it's probably far too early to tell people but I'm dyin to talk to someone, a female!! I am 5 weeks & 3 days and I am soooo nervous and excited and just reallllly wanna tell a close friend or family member. Do u think it'd be bad luck or wud it be ok???
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
Congratulations :o)ll I think its upto d individual themselves. We told my mam around 7/8wks i think, talked to her everyday and it just didnt geel right not saying anything so i'd say tell someone but make sure they dont tell anyone until you announce it. Do you think you can tell your mum and she wont say anything?
Sydney Bristow Posts: 185
As soon as you feel comfortable telling, so long as you trust the person to stay quiet!!! Definitely not bad luck to tell people early.... but it could make the pregnancy feel very long if you tell everyone early on. Also, they'd have a long time waiting for a bump to appear, and might be annoying you about it!!
redroses Posts: 714
We told family and close friends at 10-11 weeks. I felt i had no choice as a few people copped on to it on a night out. I would normally be enjoying my g&t and going out for my cig, so when i wasnt questions were asked! I didnt mind anyways but i was still quite cautious. We told dd at 12 weeks and she told the whole world!!
keyra Posts: 801
I told my mam at 9 weeks as she suspected anyway but as OP said it has felt like a very long pregnancy and only 26 weeks into it yet! Last time i didnt tell most people until i was almost 18 weeks, there is no way i could have got away with it this time. If you feel comfortable telling some people already then go for it, i dont consider it unlucky to tell people early, what will be will be and its nice to have someone to talk to about things.
pag Posts: 633
If you want to tell people, do. It's up to everyone to do what they want and not worry about it being bad luck - if anything happens (which it won't ) it's not going to be because you told. We didn't tell until 14 wks last time but this time we told friends at 10 wks accidentally and family at almost 12. Def not announcing it to work or extended friends etc until much later as it will make it sooooo long but that's just me.
MrsDelight Posts: 206
we told our parents as soon as we found out and they were delighted. Now I am talking to my mum everyday and she is great for not making me worry and just makes me feel at ease. I couldnt and woundnt keep it from my mum in a million years!!! good luck whatever you decide :o)ll
lolly2010 Posts: 707
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
Told my family straight away when I found out at 4 weeks, told mil at 7 weeks I think and sure by 9 weeks people were congratulating my hubby before he even told them... Luckily everything has gone well, but it depends on your outlook, like my outlook would be that anyone would have known if I had a mc so for me that wasn't a reason not to tell..
Delphinium Posts: 3027
I know I was dying to tell my Mum so I could ask her loads of questions!! My rule of thumb was tell anyone I would be comfortable telling if (God forbid) anything were to go wrong. I don't think it's bad luck. What will be will be and telling people or not won't change anything. It's more that if you have told the whole world and then have a MC it may be easier for you to cope with if the news is just among family. Depending on your own personality. I would make sure you tell family before friends though just in case it's heard back from someone else and not straight from you which might cause offence. Also don't tell the friend who is likely to blab all over Facebook! I have known people on here to take down their FB account for a few weeks just in case!