When is your first ante natal appt????

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Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
Hi again everyone, Just wondering at what stage did you all have your first appt at ante natal appt at hospital? I went to GP as soon as I found out, and he did a test to confirm, then said "So congratulations, or is it?" which TBH I found quite hurtful (maybe hormones I dunno). Anyway I explained that I wanted to go private, so I could have a scan at each visit, to ease my mind since last time, and he said I was to make appt to see consultant myself, and to come back to him at week 16. So I rang consultant, and girl said he wouldn't see me til I had my first scan! So I rang for a scan, which is at 20 weeks (half way through pregnancy!) So from what I can see, my first proper appt will be after 20 weeks. Not til then will I get blood tests, weight checks, blood pressure - all the usual. If there is anything wrong, won't that be a bit late to make it ok? With my first child 8 years ago, I had my "registration" appt at 9 weeks. Please tell me - what is the norm?
Mamaria Posts: 224
Hi MoonDesert, I am semi-private in Holles St. and went for my first appointment at 12 weeks. I have my 'big' scan in just over two weeks. I don't know how I would have lasted 'til next month not knowing that everything was ok. Maybe explain that you really need to see the doctor a bit earlier, as it does seem strange that they would leave you so long without an appointment, but maybe it's different if you go private (although I would have thought they saw you more often!?) - one of the other girls may give more helpful info! Best of luck over the rest of your pregnancy though... :o)ll
Tigletts Posts: 2904
It seems from other posts here there are different rules for different hospitals/doctors. I'm going public to the Rotunda and will have my first appt and scan at barely 13 weeks, I understand that at this visit they do a complete medical and blood tests as well as a scan. I will be going back to my GP two weeks before that. I count myself lucky as I thought all hospitals were the same until I read some of the stories here. I agree that 20 weeks is really late, I'd find it very difficult to wait that long. I'm afraid I really have no advice for you unless you can choose a different hospital? Not easy I know as we tend to go for the one closest to us obviously.
mummy bear Posts: 3824
I would have thought if you are going private you would def get a scan before the 20wk mark, ring them again. keep us posted
andypandy28 Posts: 553
Im not private but live in the north and had a antenatal appointment at 7 weeks, then had a scan in the hospital at 12 weeks, back to antenatal at 16 weeks, then to the hospital at 22 weeks for the big scan, then went to antenatal at 27 weeks, then the hospital at 30 weeks and had another scan. Im 33 weeks now and I have one more hospital appointment at 35 weeks then antenatal at 37 weeks, and that’s it, unless I go over, hopefully I wont. I think the 1st appointment at 20 weeks is utterly ridiculous. I would complain.
mrsd06 Posts: 52
I went to my GP when i discovered I was pregnant at about 4 weeks. She took bloods, checked blood pressure and weight etc. She didn't do a re-test as I had done 2 tests myself. I am going public so she gave me a number for St. Finbarrs to book a scan and first ante-natal checkup with the hospital. I has my scan at 12 weeks and will have my ante-natal in just over 2 weeks time when I will be 18 weeks.
Cowslip Posts: 761
MoodDesert, what part of the country are you in ? All hospitals seem to be different but I know for sure that Galway in particular give very late first appointments at 19/20 weeks. Are you not doing combined care ? I thought everyone did that, where you see your GP ever four weeks unless you have a hospital appointment in the meantime. I had a scan at nearly 14 weeks, and have my first hospital appointment at 19 weeks. I see my GP every 4 weeks ish. I saw him at 5 weeks, 9 weeks, 14 weeks and won't see him again until I am 23/24 weeks since I have my hospital appointment at 19 weeks. My GP took blood at my first visit at 5 weeks, and has just checked blood pressure and urine ever since. He doesn't check weight and he says it is no indication of how the pregnancy is going. MrsD06, I am in Finbarrs as well, do you know if/when we get another scan ? I forgot to ask when I was there. I am 16 weeks at the moment as well.
mrsd06 Posts: 52
Hi lucy loo, I asked when I had my scan if I'll have another one and she said only if the antenatal clinic think it's necessary. It's a bit disappointing as I would love to see baby again. He/She was asleep the last time.
Tedsters Posts: 1688
Hi there, am going to my doctor every couple of weeks or so and each visit he checks my bloodpressure and urine sample and on the last 2 visits we listened to the baby's heartbeat. My first scan apointment is at 18 weeks (which is really 16 weeks). Think each hospital differs. Tedsters
Cowslip Posts: 761
MrsD06, that is a pity about the scan, maybe you will get another mini-scan at one of your hospital appointments, you never know. Or you could go for one of the 3D scans in Dublin. I am toying with the idea of that at the moment. I might try and have one at around 25 weeks, since I am going public I might treat myself ! I was hopeing that maybe we would have a 'big' scan at 20 ish weeks, like lots of girls in the Rotunda and Holles Street seems to be getting, but it seems to just be those hosptials that do that, pity....