When people say 'oh...thats ages away'

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findmol Posts: 47
hey brides to be be and wives!! Got engaged this summer to the love of my life and am still high on love and life following it! My engagement ring is my most stared at object!! Getting married in May 2015....a bit away I know. Married friends have said 'oh it will fly....enjoy being engaged' I ve even had a few 'oh I wish I was at your stage again'-these are happily married women btw!! Anyways, in the last week or two I ve been bumping into people I haven't seen since the big news and when I tell them the date they say 'oh, its ages away' or make some comment about how we ve plenty time to do all the 'stuff'! We know from when we booked our venue, band, church, photographer etc that we kind of don't....these things need to be sorted. Suppose what I want to ask is have I peaked too soon in terms of my excitement levels?
bee0606 Posts: 691
I think you will find there will be a lull in the excitement in the middle. I'm at that stage now with 9 and a half months to go. We have all the big things sorted and it will be a while before I can start on the smaller bits and pieces. I'm sure once I get closer to the date the excitement levels will pick up again.
MrQ Posts: 1085
Ours is Sept 14 and that's ages away for us. We have everything done except for the little things closer to the time like invites. Bridemaids dresses again this weekend so when they are paid for then.............just sit back and wait. Have you peaked too soon? No idea, we got engaged a number of years ago and when we announced the wedding date a few months ago nobody seemed to care except the bridesmaid(who send at least 5 emails a day on the subject so no excitement yet for us.
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
We had a long engagement and people used to remark that oh you're very organised it's so far away buy anyone who has had a wedding recently knows that you can't get a Saturday wedding in the next 12 months. We couldn't get our preferred date, band or church and we were engaged and booking wedding nearly 2 years in advance! I went through peaks and lulls and I did not want to have to do anything in a rush or do anything the week before the wedding so I was glad of the time. I really enjoyed the planning and researching and making bits and pieces and these things are enjoyable when you have the time.
BeautifulOchre Posts: 11
Agree on the peaks and lulls. It starts off very exciting, gets very boring when you have all of the big stuff booked, then gets really exciting again when it's time to get the smaller bits done. It is ages away.
FaerieBride Posts: 182
Lol same as! We got engaged last August so a 26 month engagement... I was majorly excited from day 1 and yes lots of people were telling me to calm down, and yes the comment "sure that's ages away" was said to me a lot... when I would tell people I've such and such done and booked, they would look at me strangely like I was some sort of OCD control freak.... again I didn't pay much heed. Because now there less than 12 months to go and now people are saying to me "wow you are so organised, you'll be mostly stress free next year". I hope that will be the case! There have been some minor peaks and lulls but you definately haven't peaked too soon... we have tried to remain excited by booking things in stages, so that we always have something to look forward to... for us next on the list is registering our intent to marry (all the legal stuff), then in December we are going to start looking at honeymoon options, and then in January we are gonna go cake tasting :)
n.finn2 Posts: 196
We have been engaged for 3 years and were that length before setting a date!!! We still have another 14 months to go but we have all the big stuff booked and I have made a timeline for next year and everything I will do each month, it gives me things to look forward to in the planning process! I want to enjoy every minute :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll I really hope I don't have any lull moments :compress
MrsCtobe2014 Posts: 17
There are definite lulls in excitement-but you def haven't peaked too soon! We booked all the big stuff when we got engaged (feb 2012) and everyone said its ages away but it has truly flown- I'm so glad I'm not in a flap now with the wedding 10 months away! Enjoy all the excitement!
MrsMctobe14 Posts: 18
Hi ladies, We got engaged in February of this year and are getting married next May 6 months and 4 days away to be exact lol but who is counting :hyper: I have been called the most organised bride ever as I am like you I straight away booked the big things I think you have to. We had church, venue, band ect booked before we announced our engagement to anybody (we were waiting on the ring to be ready). Even now at 6 months to go there is nothing I can do until closer to the time. Look at it this way you get longer to look through wedding mags and think of ideas and try on lots of dresses. I don't know what ill do when the wedding is over :wv