When ringing hopsital..what questions do you ask?

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DGil Posts: 129
Hi there, When calling hospital tomorrow, What questions do i need to ask?? Want to make an appointments (first one) and have no idea what to say... I think i want to go semi private so do i call this section. Called today and felt so stupid...i said i recently discovered i was pregnant and that i think i would like to go semi private All she said was hang on a minute il put ya through.. Bit naive but thought they would be more helpful but she completely cut me of Anyway didnt get through and now lines are closed Any advice appreciated O-O
Wife09 Posts: 873
Congratulation first of all. Id just ring and say Id like to speak to someone about making first appointment for first baby? Then ask them their costs for Semi P,will you get to see a consultant during the pregnancy or just the doctors, how often see consultant, when will your first appointment and first scan be, how many scans will you get, what weeks are these scans at, have they any info they can send you in the mean time, when should you book antenatal classes, cant think of anymore now.......
randomusername Posts: 2134
Generally when you get through to the semi private clinic there is more help but it really depends on the time of day. Lunch times are manic so you're best off ringing first thing in the morning. What hospital are you going to? Have you checked their website for some information or what consultants are available. If you're registering for the first time they'll take some basic info, name address, dob, phone number, health insurance and pps number I think. When I called Holles st I was registered and booked in at a general reception area then put through to semi private clinic. You could ask about fee's, whats covered by insurance and what you have to pay, if you want an early scan best ask for that upfront to see if they can get you in.
DGil Posts: 129
Thanks girls, thats great, just gives me an idea what approach to take with them Im such a baby when it comes to these things!! :wv