When's the best time to weigh yourself?

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AnyHopeLeft Posts: 310
Hi girls. Just wondering when the best time to weigh yourself is? The reason i ask is that I weigh myself every wednesday afternoon more or less and am always about 9stone 5,6,7 lbs but I stepped up on the scales when I got out of bed Saturday morning in my nightie :-8 and I weighed myself and I was bang on 9stone. I thought there must be something wrong and I stepped up on the scales again and low and behold I was 9stone. I haven't been 9stone for as far back as I remember and don't think it's possible to lose half a stone in 3 days - is it? I haven't weighed myself since! Do you get a true weight in the morn or in the afternoon bearing in mind I'm fully dressed in the afternoon too. Thanks.
Reecespieces Posts: 927
The best time to weigh yourself.
sandy13 Posts: 939
I have to agree first thing in the morning is the best time thats when i weight myself and i get the right weight i am the doc told me that also. Sandy
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
Yep, morning weight is supposed to be a true reflection of your weight. Eating & drinking during the day will bring your weight up a few pounds.
Anonymous Posts: 24542