when should I buy my veil???

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mia82 Posts: 37
hi all, just wondering when should i buy my veil. I was planning on witing until my 1st dress fitting so I know what goes with the dress but am worried then incase they have to be ordered in and may take a while? What do you think?
smittenb2b Posts: 675
Can you go and try on your dress again and see what would suit it? I would imagine you would need your veil in advance of the first fitting just to be sure about it all.
sept_bride08 Posts: 220
I only picked my veil at my first fitting and that was only 2 weeks ago! Veil came in within a week and had it for my 2nd fitting over the weekend just gone! Ask your shop to be sure, but I reckon you'll be fine!! :o)ll
mia82 Posts: 37
my dress is only due in end of next week so, 5 weeks to the wedding then so was going for my 1st fitting in maybe 3 weeks time!! shop did say they have a small selection of veils already in stock so maybe I will be ok. Maybe when I get the call confirming it has arrived it would be no harm going for a look just incase though. ahh so many things to do so little time!!!!
ozypozy Posts: 2950
I got mine from veilshop.com and they sent samples first so I could match the colour to my dress. The ones in the bridal shops are usually alot more expensive than buying online too.
mia82 Posts: 37
ozypozy that sounds great!! How long did it take for delivery?? I presume they do all lengths etc..
ozypozy Posts: 2950
I think it took two weeks, but they will give you an estimated time. Mine is just a plain two tier shoulder length but they do all sorts of lengths and finishes. I emailed them and were very quick to reply. Hope this helps!
Nemo79 Posts: 932
I had my first fitting at the weekend and bought my veil then. I am getting married in 8 weeks.