When should I start looking for my wedding dress??

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HippyDippie Posts: 256
Just booked my wedding for november 2011.. how long do you wait before you start looking for the dress?? I see there are loads of sales on now but is it to early!!! Maybe im just being an eager beaver!!! :)
Caros Posts: 44
hey novybride, My wedding is booked for Oct 2011 and I bought my dress last weekend. I was just going for a nosey as I had planned to look properly in September (I live in London and my Mam and bridesmaids were going to make a weekend out of it :) ). I really hadn't planned on finding one and it was a bit of a shock but they do say you know once you try on THE dress. I would say start whenever you are ready, they usually say allow 9 to 10 months for it!
HippyDippie Posts: 256
Oh my god, wow i hope i find it is easy to find me.. :) Yeah i think i might start looking and trying on dresses soon to have an idea.. Its so exciting!! :) :) :)
madhairday Posts: 1116
i am planning oct 2011 and going for a look see next sat with my sister, not going for the traditional wedding dress, Just want something to get married in. :o)ll
excitedbride11 Posts: 76
Hey NovyBride, im nov 2011 as well :) I am itching to get out there and start trying on but even styles i see online or in mags i go off a few weeks later so im afraid of going too early. Hoping i can hold out to start looking Nov this year
rayven12 Posts: 392
I'm getting married July 2011 and I started looking around for dresses at christmas. Started looking on the internet and there's a thread here called "show me your dress" and I trolled through that. I wanted to get a feel for what kind of styles were around and what I liked the look of. Saw a dress on that thread that I liked and found out where it was stocked in Dublin, went in 2 weeks ago and the rest is history :lvs The only thing I would say is if you do find your dress now remember you have till next Nov and you could change your mind. But go for it.....enjoy the search :)
HippyDippie Posts: 256
Thanks guys!! great to hear im not the only one!! :o)ll I mite just try a few on but hold off on deciding for a bit!! (if I can) :-8
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
there is no harm in having a look at some now so that way u can get an idea of what shapes and that suits u. When i started looking for mine i decided i wanted a particular dress and that was that and when i tried it on it was horrible on me. Ended up getting a complety diff dress.
olbol Posts: 280
Hi B2Bs.... :wv ...I got engaged in September last and moved to Sydney to be with my beloved in December...we are getting married NYE 2011...I trawled through the wedding mags as soon as the ring hit my finger!! I was back home in February for a week and went dress 'browsing' with my mum and one of my BMs...I found one dress that I absolutley fell in love with, but held off on it - I just don't think I was ready for it just yet...there is a long way off to the actually planning, let alone the big day...i think for everyone it's different - but I would say that when you find it, you will know - I knew I loved that dress, and I knew that if I was down to my proper body shape the dress would love me, but I also knew that my heart was not 100% sold on it...take your time, but don't be suckered by the lovely wedding plan timelines you read in mags...look for and buy your dress when you are good and ready to... :lvs
madhairday Posts: 1116
[quote="bugone":2s8k7dfb]i am planning oct 2011 and going for a look see next sat with my sister, not going for the traditional wedding dress, Just want something to get married in. :o)ll[/quote:2s8k7dfb] got it and ended up getting a traditional wedidng dress got in in Monsoon, we went there first and went to look at ordinary dressy dresses but kept comparing the monsoon one to them all :o)ll :o)ll