When should I start to feel kicks?

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Nicey Posts: 200
Hi, Just wondering when it's usual to start feeling kicks? As you can see by my ticker I'm only 13 weeks pregnant, but we had scan today and saw the baby move and am now excited about when I might actually feel some movement? Any feedback appreciated :thnk
ainm Posts: 2211
I felt my first kicks at 19 weeks, the baby didn't kick an awful lot though until week 26 now it never stops :o0 but i think everyone is different.
HoneyBee1973 Posts: 795
Hi nicey, I felt a tiny flutter at 18 weeks.....then nothing for about 2 weeks. The flutters started again at 20/21 weeks and by 23 weeks I was getting regular hard kicks! I too saw my baby kicking and doing somersaults at my 12 weeks scan. I was amazed that I couldnt feel anything. I guess they have lots of room in there at that stage! hope this helps! HB. :wv
tropical Posts: 247
Oh i was just wondering this too, as i was asked today if i have felt a flutter yet Looking forward to it :o)ll
maisedon Posts: 1394
I felt definte movement from 16 weeks...
wifee07 Posts: 353
Hi there, I was only about 14/15 weeks when I felt our babies first movements!! Felt like a twitchy nerve in the lower left side of my belly!! Felt the first movement and start doubting myself and then like the baby wanted to let me know I wasn't imagining it gave another little movement!! Baby has since been training for the Kick boxing championships!! My insides are black and blue from him or her! Its so amazing when you get the little movements and kicks!! Will miss them when baby is out an about in real world!! Enjoy!!
MammyC Posts: 3621
Girls, when i felt lots of movement form week 131/2 onwards!!! Its great feeling the lo!
querty Posts: 24
I felt no movement at all until 22 weeks. In the last week I am feeling movements all the time it's a great feeling !!!
_Arwen_ Posts: 252
I am 17 weeks and I thought I felt flutters on Friday, nothing saturday and again last night when DH and I were watching TV. He asked me what was wrong and I said "I think something is going on in there, but I can't be sure" :) thought I felt something today, but I guess I'll know for sure in a couple of weeks as they get stronger!
leanbh1 Posts: 473
Felt first kicks at 17 wks and then more definite movement at 18 wks.Its so great to feel them!