when should you send your invites?

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duck80 Posts: 87
Hi All My wedding is in 8 weeks (18 Oct) should I send them this week, or wait till 6 weeks before? What did anyone else do? O-O
BigDay08 Posts: 514
Lots on the Oct brides thread have sent them already. I think it's whatever you like yourself, personally i think 6-8wks is good timing but some people have good reason to send them earlier than that. HTH :wv
angel1978 Posts: 1154
Yeah i think 6 - 8 weeks is the norm unless its a festive time, holiday time of year or the wedding is a distance away from where they all live so the need to book accomadation etc comes into it then.
Insert-Name-Here Posts: 762
I'd send them this week if your ready, give people the extra bit of time to get off work etc. You must be excited, your on the countdown now :wv
Cork Oct 08 Posts: 749
Hi, I'm 10th October and I sent mine today so you could definitely send yours end of this week start of next week.. It's a hugh relief getting them all done. Best of luck with all the writing. :wv
YoungsWIfe Posts: 738
You may aswell send them this week there is no harm in sending them a bit early. You wont feel it now till the big day O-O
duck80 Posts: 87
Great thanks everyone, I will aim to send them by Friday! :wv
newmammy2011 Posts: 1255
Agree with all the other posts 6-8 weeks