When should you tell them?

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Mrs Peg Bundy Posts: 2515
Just wondering, following on again from some of the other threads, what age you think the children should be told the "truth" about Christmas and Santa.
Sparklymum Posts: 1563
I'd be inclined with Never Decouverte, I think the world would be a better place if everyone still believed!!!! Especially coming up to Christmas when his Robin is looking in the window and checking up on us!!!!! I've decided to leave it as long as possible, but I think this might be her last year truely believing (if she does) but I intend to insist he's real for at least another two years!
Mrs Peg Bundy Posts: 2515
I'm with you there Sparkly. My eldest found out last year when she was 11. Some of her friends had said things in school to her and she was beginning to "let out" in front of my younger daughter. So I drew her aside and asked her what she really thought of Santa. And she said she didn't really believe in him. I was glad that I didn't have to tell her and that she was able to draw her own conclusion. She told me that she thought Santa was like the tooth fairy, so that answered that one as I knew she knew who the tooth fairy really is. She's gas though. On her way to her room that night she asked me what the story was with the Easter bunny. And I was looking at her......absolutely stunned........and then realised she was holding back the laughter. :roll:
deb0705 Posts: 55
They find out in good time from friends before the end of primary school. We never let on to my parents so that we'd keep getting the presents. If the parents say it the kids can't pretend. If the parents are sure it's safe to say it I think they can be pretty sure the kids know already.