When start antenatal classes

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Magicwand Posts: 85
Hi All Had check up with my consultant yesterday and midwife told me to ring hospital today re antenatal classes (have phoned them before and put my name down) but am 32 weeks this week so was anxious as to when would be starting. Anyway, phoned earlier and gave the person my details again and she said that I won't be starting them until I am 36 weeks - is it just me or does this sound awfully late ? !!!!! I am attending Mullingar Hospital - anyone any feedback /advice ?
Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
Hi I am same boat as you - I had my big scan at 24 weeks and in a books i read they said you book antenatal classes at this time so i just asked when i was there but i missed out on July classes as they were full so have 4 weeks of classes - my last class is 3 days before i am due!!lets hope babs doesnt arrive early........have you bought much stuff for the baby yet or are you waiting - we have put over travel system, sterilizer and bottles, moses basket, monitors and i have bought 6 sleep suits and six vests and mitts and booties and a hat but that is it so far
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Hi there - I'm not sure if there's any rule on this but I would of thought that was late. Mainly cos you might be starting to get uncomfortable and stuff. I'm doing mine in September and I suppose I'll be about 32 wks then. Did you ask the lady you're doing it with if she thought it was late?
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
God thats late you could have baby by then,I thought it was after 28wks?
Cowslip Posts: 761
Magicwand, I am in the same boat. I won't be starting my antenatal classes until I am 25+3. My first hospital visit was at 19 weeks and I booked them then, I never thought to try and book them before that. It is a bit late but I'm not worrying about it......if I go early I'll get through it anyhow. I've heard plenty of people say they aren't much good anyway.....but I'll take all the help I can get....
Magicwand Posts: 85
Hi Girls thanks for replies. I'll ring again tomorrow and see if I can start earlier. Am beginning to feel the aches and pains now of maternity (but have been very lukcy up to now so can't complain) but can only imagine how I will feel in another 4 weeks. Yes - could have the baby by the time antenatal classes start !! Mad isn't it - especially as it is my first I thought I would at the latest start them at 32 weeks !!!! I wouldn't mind but I phoned them when I was only 15 weeks !! and then phoned about 26 weeks as well !!! RE buying stuff - have picked up bits and pieces like babygros etc. Went looking at buggies / prams at weekend so have decided on that and am also going to get a Travel cot with bassinet / changing unit - am getting a loan of a moses basket. Really need to get buying stuff for my hospital bag and get that sorted out. Am hoping to breast feed so not sure what to do re bottles/ steriliser etc. Really am beginning to think that there is a lot of stuff I can get after the baby is born as is only really then will I know what I definitely need - that said - don't want to have to buy a load after the birth either !! It really is upon us now though - every night I go to bed I keep messing with hubby that this could be the night I go into labour !!! Better stop - think he is beginning to worry and is probably getting less sleep than me cos he keeps expecting me to "pop" the baby !!!!!
NotHere Posts: 10273
I'll be starting mine at 28 weeks (midwife booked me in at 9wks!) and it's a 4 week course so I'll be finished at 32 weeks. Good luck with everything! It must be so exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time! :o)ll :o)ll
Cowslip Posts: 761
Oops, pregnancy brain, I meant to say I will be starting antenatal classes at 35+3.... and they last for three weeks so finishing at 38+3....
Magicwand Posts: 85
No worries Lucy Loo - thought as much. I'm going to ring the hospital again today just to reconfirm and see if I can start earlier -probably not but sure no harm in trying. Will also check to see how long they go on for. Hope you are keeping well and are all set - hard to believe that the time is nearly here. I am excited and nervous.Haven't been sleeping great the last few nights but it's more cause I keep going through things in my head and imagining life with a baby in the house !! Thanks for all the replies girls.
Cowslip Posts: 761
Hi magicwand, I'm still feeling fine, no complaints really. I wake up a good few times in the night to go to the loo/turn over but I fall straight back to sleep again mostly so its not too bad. I think we are almost set, I have to finish packing the hospital bags but I think I have most things, I just need to pack them. I spent yesterday evening ironing baby clothes, cot sheets etc...the little piles of babygros and bodysuits looked so cute ! I'm sure the novelty of ironing them will wear off very quickly once babs is born though. DH was asking do we have to have the bodysuit match the babygro all the time, to which I replied it won't be long when 'clean' is the only requirement, not matching or even ironed... I am excited as well, I can't wait. Time seems to have flown since I hit the 12 week mark. Sometimes it hits me that we are going to have this little person to look after, and it will be our responsibility, no-one else's...and we will be looking after them/worrying about them for the rest of our days ! I hope we are good parents.... Are you all set for baby coming ?