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noon Posts: 229
Girls, My symptoms have pretty much gone now. I am still a little tired but nothing like I have been & the nausea seems to have subsided. Problem is now I miss these symptoms, feeling really scared now that i have no feelings of being pregnant. Does anyone else feel like this? I had my scan at 10.5 weeks & everything was fine due my next scan on 31st October & it can't come soon enough. I really can't settle and put my mind at rest. Does anyone else have no symptoms at this stage?
Delish Posts: 4176
Just wanted to reply as no one else has, I am actually 10 weeks today, ticker is wrong, my symptoms are definitely not as bad as they were a couple of weeks ago, still tired but the neausea not as bad, so I think what you are experiencing now is normal. maybe someone a your stage can confirm it . I'm sure you and baby are fine .
dovedro Posts: 1295
Hi noon I was the exact same, I was getting worried as the sickness went and the tiredness went, it's perfectly normal as you start feeling much better at this stage. I haven't had a scan since 9.5 weeks until next week so it's been a long time not to see the baby but I knew by my tummy getting bigger and the raging hormones that everything was still ok! Don't worry about the symptoms at all, it happens at this stage to most people but I know it can be scary as the sickness is a bit re-assuring Best of luck with everything :wv
Wannabamama Posts: 481
Im the same, apart from sore humongous breasts, no pregnancy symptoms at all. Had a scan at 8 weeks and next is at 16 weeks. I know exactly how you feel, we just have to sit back and wait.
theoracle Posts: 7664
16 weeks gone now, and pretty much no symptoms, boobs are sore from time to time, but not always, sleeping much better than used to and not that tired, but I have quite a bit of belly so hopefully not just getting fat, ha, ha. No, it is normal to feel much better in 2nd trimester, body usually adjusts to all the hormones, more blood in the system etc. I know what you mean, I miss the symptoms too, very tempted to buy a doppler so that I can keep reassuring myself! Unfortunately there is this gap of 8 weeks or so with very little symptoms till the baby starts kicking and the bump really jumps out!
Shilanne Posts: 304
What are we LIKE ! I was exactly the same - I was soooooo sick and one day I wsa fine - and rather than think YAY - I was a wreck - this was at 9 weeks - so I went for a scan at the Charlemont clinic....still any day after that - where I was OK instead of enjoying I panicked. Same all the way thru - last week I was kicked black and blue - at one point I was so upset as it was painful and uncomfortable - then....it subsided and I was like - Baby where ARE you :-8 So I guess its normal....? However if your instinct tells you to check then follow it - never feel silly to ask for re-assurance....good luck
noon Posts: 229
Thanks girls. Great to get reassurance from other m2b.
delgirl Posts: 1706
Hi I am 14 weeks and I have lost all symptoms as well. Seemed to happen overnight. It is worrying but I think it is fairly normal. We should probably enjoy it while we can as it will all be upon us again soon enough.