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MrsD2B08 Posts: 910
hey just wondering when i should book my nail app and waxes etc for wedding day.. would kinda like to have them booked and just in diary and as marked off my list but i don't want to seem like a mad woman booking so far in advance..
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
I will book mine when I do my make-up trial. I'm not getting make-up done in the house though so I will see how I get on. I think if you know where you want to book, you should, although I was told I had loads of time yet (2 months to go).
Mrs.G Posts: 1828
I have mine booked already!! My lady in the saloon told me I might aswell as you never know another wedding could sneak in ahead of you. Sure do it! Another thing off the list!
MrsD2B08 Posts: 910
very true.. might as well sure..
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
I have all my nails, tan, hair, make-up etc appts already booked. Dont want anyone getting the early morning appt.
MrsMcM Posts: 311
I have my hair and make up booked since feb but havent done anything about waxing etc. I was told to book the hair and make up as soon as i could as you'd be surprised how quick things get booked up. So i would say go for it....get another thing ticked off
MrsD2B08 Posts: 910
hey have hair app made, had make up made but she cancelled a few days ago so am doing some more research on that, i am going for acrylic nails so want to book that and get it off my list and of course the waxings :o0 the week of wedding is anyone getting any pampering done such as massage etc?
BigDay08 Posts: 514
What order do you book these apts in? :-8 And how far in advance do you need to do hair/make-up trials? I'm hopeless with all this side of things :-8
MrsD2B08 Posts: 910
meet your twin here :o0 :o0 :o0 i am doing hair trial in Aug, and then makeup i was going to do for my hen night.. which is two weeks before wedding.. eyebrows and eyelashes 1 week before same for down stairs :eek :eek nails 3/4 days before (getting acyclic) and then i think 2 days before i will unwind with a massage and a dry float.. if you haven't had one of these, do cause 20mins on it is like 2 hours sleep seemingly.. lovely really lovely..
BigDay08 Posts: 514
Thanks :thnk Good idea doing makeup trial for hen night, i like that, better than going home washing it off again :o0 [quote:13e1dhoy]20mins on it is like 2 hours sleep[/quote:13e1dhoy] Wow i could do with one of them right now! Have had the worst week for sleep and i've a wedding tomorrow, long day with an early start :eek