When to buy bottles??

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Marvin Mole Posts: 1076
I intend to try breastfeeding, but obviously not sure how it will go. Once supply is established I would also like to express so DH can help. I'm just wondering should I buy bottles now to have at home incase I'm not able to BF or should I wait and see? Also, what is the general consensus about what type to buy .. a couple of friends have recommended tommy tippee closer to nature?? Thanks :wv
Playful123 Posts: 385
Hey MM...i'm planning the same approach as you. I plan to BF but we bought 6 bottles at the weekend...the Dr. Brown's range - size 8oz, apparently they are for colic babies. As far as i know you cant express for 6 weeks (not 100% sure of that tho). MY DH is anxious to bond with LO through feeding aswell, also takes the pressure off mammy too. Would be no harm having a few bottles handy just in case and familiarise yourself with how to use/sterilize them. Just wondering tho, is it ok to combine feed (BF & cartons from shops) before the 6 weeks and then resort back to just BF'ing when i can express? Its all very confusing!!
stephnyc Posts: 414
i think the "recommemded" approach is to exclusively bottle feed until 6 weeks - no bottles, soothers etc.. then you can express & offer the bottle... also to not buy the bottles in advance as you're more likely to give in & use them In my opinion thou.... i wud buy a couple of bottles + sterliser in advance.. and have 1 or 2 readymade formula cartons on hand.. that way if it doesnt work out, you wont be left desperate in the middle of the night also, your LO might not like a particular type of bottle/teat.. or you might need specific bottles to use with the breast pump later.. so dont buy too many my baba is only 10 weeks.. so i'm still new to this.. but if i did it again, i wud give a bottle every day or 2 right from the beginning.. before 6 weeks.. so baby will take it easier & mammy gets a break hope that all makes sense to you.. and good luck with the feeding.. its wonderful :heartbeat:
scobette Posts: 1010
Hello I was in your situation a few months ago!! I am breastfeeding exclusively and I have been expressing since 2 1/2 weeks and ds gets one bottle a day which DH gives him. I bought my bottles and steraliser tommee tippee closer to nature with the view that if it didn't work out we were prepared. As it happens I have a very good supply and when I express I get 6-7oz also my ds is a total guzzler. I also have 4 cartons of aptimal and 1 drum of it in the press if I need it. Some people say you shouldn't buy as it will be temptation but I prefer to have the security of knowing it's there if I need it. Also I would buy a packet of soothers, my baby is a very sucky baby and I believe this is what has allowed me to continue BF. I am all new to this but that's my experience so far Good Luck :lvs
lady isabelle Posts: 41
Hey there, Great thread MM, was just wondering about this myself over weekend, I'm in the same boat as you, and got 8 Tommy Tippee bottles x 260ml in Mothercare sale at wkend, also got steriliser & pump. I'm gonna try breastfeed but I dont think its any harm in having the bottles ready to go just in case. I was just wondering if anyone knows what the story is with the different teeth for the bottles? would i need to get specific ones for newborns as planning on expressing a good bit or how does it work? also what is the norm for a newborn- is it 2/3oz every 2 hours or how does it work? All advice appreciated,
Marvin Mole Posts: 1076
Thanks for all the replies ladies .. think I'll invest in just a few bottles, sterliser etc at the weekend to be prepared!
stephnyc Posts: 414
@lady isabelle... yup its supposed to be 2-3oz every 2 hrs for breastfeeding (maybe every 90mins in the 1st week/during a growth spurt).. but you'll learn your baby's cues very quickly... think the teat is size 1 - but it should say suitable for newborns hth
rosiemama Posts: 3363
definitely have some bottles ready. and know how to use the steriliser! i planned on BFing and didn't have this ready at all. needless to say it didn't work out for me and i arrived home from hospital with a crying baby and no clue what to do. thank god for my mum! i use Tommee Tippee CTN and find them great, but at the very beginning i used the small NUK bottles and latex teats (like the ones they have in hospital) as DS took to these better.