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babyonboard Posts: 18
Hi ladies I am 27.5 weeks this week and feeling good time is flying b. I went to get a 3d/4d scan in Dublin the other day but it was a no goer as babs is still breeched and for sure babs didn't want us to see them. First of all legs covering face then arms etc but got one or two nice photos. I woke up this morning in a panic omg i am 27.5 weeks and i mean i haven't purchased a single thing. I feel like everyone else is so much do. I am normally planning but with babs just don't want to temp fate. I am now only STARTING to fill out my MB 10 form ???? When do you start to buy things and where to start. I am just afraid that if babs stay's breeched which he / she haven't moved since week 12 that i may have to have a c section (which i am scared about) and may have to go in early. So should i start to buy SOON. Would love your help on this. :wv
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
Relax you still have lots of time yet. Everyone is different and some people like to hold off til the 30 weeks mark etc. I on the other hand just couldn't wait so I've had most things bought for weeks now. I was very sick at the start though and had everything googled so picked things up when I saw them on sale. Some people thought I was mad getting things so early. Make a list of what you need, nursery furniture, buggy/travel system, babygro, vests etc and then maybe either look online or go shopping at the weekend. With regards to baby being breach there is loads of time yet for it to turn so relax :wv
happy angel Posts: 928
hi relax you have loads of time first do your list i have ordered buggy and cradle and i am paying off so much each week have to decide on car seat i have gone to guineys and bought bed linen dunnes for baby grows towels blankets hat mittens vest my bits dressing gown and night dress pick up week by week as makes it cheaper enjoy it know seems like loads but once have list you can tick off as you go along best wishes :thnk
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
My only bit of advice is to start looking at buggies as there is a lead in time for some buggies.