When to buy the pram?

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naughtybutnice Posts: 1858
hi all just wondering how many weeks along you were before you bought your pram etc? am only on the looking stage as feel I have heaps of time but wondering when I should do things for real? any good websites for reviews as I'm finding it all so confusing.
the moms Posts: 1427
Hi, I'm only 20 weeks and I'm just starting to do some research but haven't been to any shops yet. DH thinks I'm crazy to be thinking about it this early but I don't think there's any harm in getting it done soon. I've found www.babyfy.com to be good for reviews. I'm still very confused though, might have to drag DH round the shops for a look this weekend!
Wannabamama Posts: 481
We are heading out this weekend to have a look at the various different options. Feel like we should be more organised, i know a lot of the other April mummies already have or at least have a deposit down on their travel system. I believe some models can have a lead time of 10-12 weeks, especially if your going for an unusual colour.
PinkyD Posts: 276
I had looked really early on just to see what i liked & what was out there, convince no matter what i'd get it before or just after xmas. Ended up getting myself a little stressed out with 6 wks to go & not a tap done. Ended up going out to eurocycles eurobaby on longmil road on dec 30th & got it all in one go - pram, car seat, cot bed, wardrobe & dresser. Nursery complete now & im chuffed with it all. After all dat drama, i got everything in onw go - was obviously meant to be. And my pram was a new style i hadnt seen before either & ticked all the boxes for me - lightweight, suitable from birth, seat changed to face both front and back etc... Its an icandy cherry pram & not many places stock them in Dublin. Fell in love straight away & am still delighted with all my purchases. My advice ladies is keep an eye out as much as you feel you need to & if you see things that you just feel you cant be without, then buy em! :o)ll happy shopping!