When to call hospital?

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kaifer Posts: 236
Hi all, Sorry, probably a very silly question but this is my first pregnancy in Ireland and I'm pretty much clueless about what to do. Right, so went to the Doctor's yesterday, all good. We filled in the form for combined care and the nurse contacted the EPU at the Rotunda to book in an early scan because of my history of MC. Now, do I have to call the Rotunda myself as well to book myself in for combined care or has this been covered by the call to the EPU? And who do I call at the hospital, the maternity ward? Plus, would I be eligible for the midwife lead unit? My last 2 births were CS and I'll have to get a section next time but I wouldn't be considered as high risk. Thanks everyone for your help :thnk
Sodapop Posts: 3220
Kaifer I'm not sure - but for me my GP didnt contact the hospital - I contacted the hospital direct - maybe just ring Rotunda up and ask them - i'd say you would need to give all your details over anyway so a call wouldn't hurt.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
My GP sent letter to the Coombe & they in turn posted me out the registration form. I know in the Coombe you have to be low risk to go through midwife clinics - I was turfed out at 18 weeks due to hyperemesis so I imagine you might have to go the hospital route due to your c-sections!
kaifer Posts: 236
Thanks girls, I'll give the hospital a shout today then :)