when to get BM dresses?

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groovee Posts: 529
Hi, I'm getting married next Xmas. Do ye have any advice on when to start looking for BM dresses? Bearing in mind my 2 BMS are extremely fussy and one of them lives in England. I'm more worried about keeping them happy than getting my own dress to be honest. I've told them they dont need to match exactly.Just nothing too different. When do ye reckon I should start looking?
mad woman Posts: 22106
start asap, start looking around at the styles that [i:18mj1tnt]you[/i:18mj1tnt] want not them, its your wedding and you are paying for the dresses not them!
bridesrus Posts: 917
It generally takes 12-16 weeks for delivery on bm dresses - yes have a look online, in mags etc... now but I would leave it until the summer time - this way all the new styles will be in the shops. One word of advise - do not let your bm didicate you to - you tell them what you want them too wear-so many brides have no say in this matter and believe me this can be more stressful than choosing your own dress :lol:
groovee Posts: 529
Thanks girls. You're right about the stress bit. I'm totally freaked out about starting the search. I love them to bits but they'll be awful to dress. I'm practicing counting to 10 and deep breaths already.
kakel Posts: 16
HI this might help, if one of your bridesmaids lives in the UK, have you considered going to Coast for bridesmaid dresses. They seem to have the same stock in the UK and Ireland, so she can check them out from the UK if its something you like I think the girls are right, don't let them dictate too much. Obviously you want them to like it too and be happy but its your day and its your happiness is what counts
oddwire Posts: 842
One of my bridesmaids is also in the UK - we stuck to high street shops as well that would have the same dresses in Ireland and UK. Ended up getting them in Monsoon - I spent a day with one girl trying on all styles, took photos of each one, then sent them over to the one in UK who went and tried on all the same dresses. Monsoon is also online so you can keep an eye on the styles there. We bought the dresses last summer for wedding this May, so that we would have summer colours.
groovee Posts: 529
Hi Thanks again. They're very good ideas. I hadnt actually thought of the high street option. We had suggested she bring a camera phone with her if she ever saw something!Debenhams might have similar things too or Karen Millen. Yes - ye might be onto something. Thanks girls
Wol-Aholic Posts: 349