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dumdumdidum2013 Posts: 300
Hi girls Need advise on bridesmaids dresses! My sis is getting married in June and has been trying for a baby last few months, she miscarried last year, she told me last night their not trying until after wedding think it's because she wouldn't be past stage she miscarried at last time on honeymoon (their doing cruise to Southampton to Norway no flights!) and is nervous if anything happened on boat hours from hospital. If she gets preg quickly she will be due just after our wedding, question is when would be a good time to start looking for dresses? don't want to put pressure on her or drag her off shopping if she's not preg straight away and then last min panic if theres a bump. To add to it Mil keeps asking what colours I am thinking off she wants to get outfit asap as we are getting married in March she wants outfit for that season, have explained situation to her several times and why I can't pick colour(my sisters are my bmaids one is dark hair sallow skin the other in pale and blonde so picking colour isn't that easy!! would need them both to try on) also have exams coming up so studying til Sept,so no time to shop! then last week fsil mentioned her mum is getting panicked about outfit (she's quite thin so any formal outfit usually needs alot of altering) driving me mad OH mentioned it last night think he knows it's getting to me but can't give out to him about his mum thats not fair. Am I over thinking this have exams coming up so slightest thing is stressing me out at the min! Sorry it's a long post! any advice appreciated!
flor Posts: 1621
hi dumdumdidum, oh you poor thing, studying for exams & planning a wedding - what a pain! have done it myself so i know how it feels... I take it you haven't started shopping yet. Regarding timelines, if you are going to order from a shop I would allow a good 5 or 6 months for the dresses to come in (mine took about that). If you are going to order online I think the timeline could be about 6-8 weeks + delivery time for dresses coming from China, but I stand open to correction on that. In any event, I would look at ordering around the September mark (for your wedding in March 2013), just to be on the safe side. Then, regarding the style etc. - Do you like the idea of "mismatched" bridesmaids or would you prefer each of them to wear identical dresses? Mismatched wouldn't necessarily have to mean clashing, just different. So you could have each girl in the same colour, but a different style. Or the same style and different colours, or shades of a colour? I think the mismatched route could definitely make your life alot easier ! So, regarding colour. Would you consider just picking a basic colour that you like, say blue or green, and going with that so that would let your MIL go ahead with getting her outfit (if she starts looking for an exact shade just be firm and say you haven't decided on it yet, but whatever shade suits her is fine). If you liked the idea, then, you could consider getting a different shade of that colour for each BM ? So if you said green, you could go for a pale green for your blonde sister and a darker shade for your brunette sister ? Or you could pick different colours that complement eachother (and different complexions/hair colours) like fuchsia pink & light blue or mint green - for inspiration just google various colour combination weddings & loads come up. Or have a look here: Then, regarding the style. Would yould consider a flowy empire line style (waistline under the bust)? It's a fairly forgiving style which suits most people so it might work on both sisters? Maybe if you bought a bigger size for your sister who may be pregnant so as to allow extra room around the tummy area, and if she isn't pregant you could just have it taken in around the bust (which is the only place in which empire line dress is fitted)? Hope this gives you some ideas!
dumdumdidum2013 Posts: 300
Thanks Flor really lost at the min!!! got my dress sorted in between last lots of exams! oh the stress can't wait for wedding not exam stress!